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  1. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    I'm relatively new to cars in any context besides getting to work and back. I purchased a 2008 Eclipse GT with all the available stock upgrades. I'm interested in modding it, but I'm wondering where I should start (which I'm sure is a common problem). I've figured out what I want to do in terms...
  2. The Lounge
    Since my time is torn between eight hours a day sleeping, eight hours a day working, and 7 hours a day in classes or doing homework, I've come to enjoy bulk cooking; cooking a weeks worth of food and storing it. This saves on time and money since I'm not eating out all the time. The only...
  3. Other cars
    I got a call from the stealership today to commemorate my first year of owning an Eclipse. They go into how the Eclipse is officially discontinued, and go on to say they have tons (about three) on the lot, if I want to trade up. Now while all of them seem to be GS's, and I definitely won't...
  4. Health and Fitness
    This chicks blog is awesome and here are some yummy recipes. Undressed Skeleton — Step by Step! Post up the ones you have.
  5. The Lounge
    Post up stuff and maybe a recipe that you have made. :) *coughjohncough*
  6. Car Care and Detailing (Shine)
    What is "Claying"? Claying is a process that is new to the world of automotive detailing and has found enthusiastic acceptance. It's not hard to understand why, as its resume reads like a miracle cure, and after reading it you may think that it's too good to be true. But claying delivers. The...
  7. The Lounge
    I am making some caramel apples for a family get together for halloween tom because we are leaving for colorado tonight I got to hurry but I am wanting to try something new and was wondering to you who make caramel apples what is your recipes
  8. The Lounge
    So I'm sitting here with my shrimp scampi caserole gone awry --- not enough tart (didn't put enough lime) and not enough garlic. It's funny how I'm usually pretty good at cooking. I guess I'm a little out of practice :p Then I thought, like the natural postwhore I am... Why don't we start a...
  9. Suspension Parts
    High Performance Handling Lower Center of Gravity?Lowers vehicle 1.0"-1.5" Progressive Spring Design Excellent Ride Quality Million Mile Warranty The Eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect answer for most frequently-driven street cars. It?s our legendary spring system that dramatically improves both...
1-9 of 10 Results