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  1. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Hey guys... bought these sideskirts through Driven By Style for $198 and didn't end up installing them (online receipt screenshot is attached). They fit the 2006-2009 Eclipse (all models including Spyder). Here goes a link to them with more info. They are made from FRP which is much better...
  2. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hey guys first time posting, don't know if i'm in the right place or not. But the other day i got rear-ended, messed up the bumper pretty bad so i'm getting a new one, from the pictures ive seen i really like the AIT Blackout-1 Rear Bumper (as seen on AutoCityImports) But i haven't seen anyone...
  3. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    So I just received my sides from AIT and thinking whether or not to paint them black or yellow...any opinion is welcomed.. Thanks guys! Sent from my LGLS996 using Tapatalk
  4. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    I'm in the market to buy side skirts and noticed that the two styles mentioned look very similar..has anyone seen these in person?..any major difference? Sent from my LGLS996 using Tapatalk
  5. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I have a 2008 GS eclipse and I don't want to lower it for the sake of my suspension haha... so Im thinking of getting a skirt. I went online and they're all so expensive so Im wondering if theres anyone on here selling parts. I am also in the market for a carbon fiber hood. Thanks!
  6. Eclipse Performance
    so i know theres a few threads on weight reduction but non of them include the weight lost by changing body panels to different materials. does anyone know or have an estimate of what our cars would lose just by switching to fiberglass or carbon fiber body panels. im looking to change all the...
  7. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    yo!! it's been years since I've logged in, I'm surprised I remembered my user name and password. miss this community - I've had my 4G for 10 years now and she is still killin it. I got into a wreck a couple months ago with an uninsured driver and am slowly repairing the front end damage. I'm...
  8. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a skirt but want some opinions on brands and style. Is it worth getting one? Many people have told me it's not worth the money since the skirts get fucked up Thanks :runaway:
  9. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    So I seen these molded side skirts on ebay, if I decided to buy them how would I put them on my eclipse? Or can you bolt on these type of side skirts? Replies gladly appreciated~ :3
  10. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    So I plasti dipped my mitsu's side skirts and rear bumper, I was wondering could you add paint over plasti dip? Add would the results be worth the work?
  11. New Members Forum
    I'm new, go figure~ xD I bought my 07 Mitsubishi Eclipse back in october of last year. I'm from NJ, but I joined the military so now I'm in texas around the Ft. Hood/Killeen area. The only stuff I've done to my eclipse is add plasti dip to the rims, side skirts, and the rear bottom bumper. And...
  12. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Guys, I have the aero sideskirts but I am missing the end caps. Anyone selling them?
    Driving competitively requires a racing seat that lets you stay put, it also a great way to bring that race car theme into your ride. Hard cornering and braking constantly try to make you slide left and right, or forward out of the seat. If you’re investing energy into staying put, that’s mental...
  14. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    FS: OEM Bumper and OEM Side Skirts $50 + Shipping for it PM me if you have questions
  15. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Hey! I would like to buy A cold air intake for the GS 2.4L. I would prefer Injen or DC, any coilovers, UnderDrive Pulley, and the side skirts and rear aero piece for an 06 eclipse. Thanks! :P
  16. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Like title says. Lmk thanks. If you pm me or respond please include shipping quote to 84081
  17. Problem Reports
    Hello! I just got my v-speed body kit from the body shop last week and since they refused to install it because is aftermarket I started to install it my self. I already put the front and rear bumper but can't install the side skirts. I think the only way to put in is to glue it or something. I...
  18. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Probably been posted by several others over the years, but I really want some fangs and side skirts. Only place I've found them is ebay and just for the fangs is 300. has them for 225 but they're made of fiber glass and my car is lowered, too fragile. Need the oem plastic...
  19. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    So I was looking to change up the exterior of my Spyder without being too aggressive with a full body kit. I started looking at some universal parts and pieced together my own pseudo kit. I used these universal polyurethane skirts: Universal Honda VIP Sedans Flat Bottomline Style Side Skirts...
  20. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I'm selling the oem fangs I got with the aero kit I just bought for my car so they are brand new. I'm also selling the flat black newly painted oem side skirts my car had before I put the aero ones. They are in mint condition as I just painted them at my shop. Fangs- $180 Side skirts- $150...
1-20 of 142 Results