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  1. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    Selling my 2007 GS, I have owned her since 2008. Clean Southern California CAR Clear California Title, California Plates are good for 12 months. All service done at Mitsubishi Dealer. All recall and maintenance up to Date. Currently 102,000 miles, current MPG 23city 30hwy 4 speed Auto-manual ...
  2. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hey I am new here and a new owner to a 07 eclipse gt She looks sweet as she sits but any recommendations as to making her look better only thing I have done is paint the calipers I love the smoked out look but where I live it's illegal:ugh:
  3. Audio & Lighting
    So I pushed my factory RF amp beyond its limits and smoked it! I want to upgrade to a better amp that will push two factory subs. Keep in mind they are 1ohm dual voice coil subs so I will need an amp with 4 channels capable of handling 1ohm subs or a two channel with 2 ohm capabilities (if I...
  4. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I am selling a set of New Smoked Halo Projector Headlights in the original packaging, and a set of new black tail lights. I will be asking $182+shipping for the headlights, and $130+shipping for the tail lights. PM me if interested. Sorry about the pictures being sideways.
  5. Audio & Lighting
    Hey guys, I had a question. So I know that people tend to prefer the black headlights because they look better, won't blind oncoming drivers, etc. (At least back at the 3G forums). But how do they compare to smoked headlights? Are smoked headlights brighter? How brighter? Etc. I've search for...
  6. Audio & Lighting
    Posting up the work I did to my headlights and taillights. I think they turned out great, and seem to be holding up to the elements, although the taillights were just completed. The headlights: Morimoto Mini bixenon, with GTI style shrouds, the shrouds look exactly the same as the foglight...
  7. Current Car Of The Month
    Mod list Exterior: Projector eyelids Gloss black Vinyl wrapped lower hatch Carbon fiber wrapped roof and rear window lip Satin black wrapped factory spoiler White sickspeed horns 5% tint all around 09 front bumper aero sideskirts 09 front air dam Itz demon rear bumper Se style wing Neo...
  8. Motorsports (Racing)
    It was a nice evening, around 68 degrees so I dropped the top and went for a ride with my 75 yr. old father. We had something to eat and then were driving up the highway for a mile or so just cruising along in the slow lane. A blue WRX passed on the left causually (with loud exhaust) and...
  9. New Members Forum
    new look with smoked lights , ralliart and a lip what do you guys think?
  10. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Sport | eBay Selling my eclipse. I want to start saving for one of my dream cars. (lotus elise or Lexus ISF) It currently has TEIN H-tech springs, DDM 5K HIDs, DC Sports Custom SRI, LED Conversion, Vinyl Projector Eyelids. The stock intake can go back on and eyelids can...
  11. Motorsports (Racing)
    So I had the unfortunate pleasure of being smoked by the new 2014 Taurus SHO. It is fast, ridiculously fast. I am headed to a few towns over to get my tires rotated, and all of a sudden I see some HIDs come on. Normally people in our area do not have HIDs, unless they have a fast"er" car. Some...
  12. Member's Rides
    Current Mods: Engine: Fujita CAI, RRE UDP, 2.25" cat back exhaust w/ Tanabe Muffler Wheels & Suspension: D2 Coilovers XXR 530 18x8.75 wheels, 245/40 BF Goodrich gForce Sport Comp2 tires Exterior: Ralliart Paint Match Eyelids, Paint Match Spoiler Delete Cover, Plasti Dip Emblems & Gas Cap...
  13. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I was going to throw away this stuff since I'm not using it but I know SOMEBODY has to want this! 5 31mm white LED bulbs for the interior dome light, reading lights and trunk light.* Some custom yellow fog light tint. I have about a foot and 3 inches of it left.* Lamin X fog light covers...
  14. Current Car Of The Month
    Modifications Engine: Injen Short Ram Intake, Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust, RRE Underdrive Pulley Exterior: Custom Front Lip, OEM Factory Aero Kit Rear & Side Skirts, Factory Headlights Custom Painted, OEM Fogs w/ custom painted bezels, 10,000k 55watt hi/lo HID Headlights, 6,0000k 55watt HID...
  15. Motorsports (Racing)
    Just a little backstory to this... There is a civic hatch (not sure of the exact year, but it is the 1998 body style) who constantly acts like an asshole on post (Fort Campbell). He zips around post, cutting people off (I've seen this on several occasions) and just being an all around twat. Two...
  16. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    So my headlights are mix and match projectors no big deal because I'm getting them paint matched the bad part is the rightside lens is smoked I need to find a clear rightside lens I'm taking off the lense from the light so if the actual light doesn't work it would matter
  17. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    Painted my tail lights with smoked platiDip and PlastiDip glossifier. Painted top area with black plastiDip. Let me know what you think Guys!:)
  18. New Members Forum
    i have an 06 eclipse gs and i smoked a deer and im trying to find a cheap hood online or someone i can buy one off of ? also if i find a hood that a lil pricey do you think it would be best just to order a carbo fiber one so i wouldnt have to get it painted? :runaway:
  19. Motorsports (Racing)
    Today I got my first of taste of GT sadly, I never raced a GT before, well we were racing through very light traffic. I was leading him because I can drive hella. We came to a clearing and turns out his GT was modded and it smoked me. He gave me props and first question he asked is hey man is...
1-19 of 116 Results