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  1. New Members Forum
    hey, i got my eclipse gt a few months ago, but im about 2 months from getting my license and im not sure im really a huge fan of the 4th gen eclipse, i get that its cool for a first car, but i dont know if its exactly my style, i was a bit hasty to get a sporty first car and didnt bother looking...
  2. Member's Rides
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  3. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    i am having eyelids painted. As Auto City Imports were out of stock for Solar Yellow ones. So my question is which paint code do i use, Y19 or Y19B ?
  4. New Members Forum
    Hello All, Just bought my first eclipse (and my first car). Its a solar 09 Eclipse GT (AT), sorry no pics yet, but will work on it. Surfing the forum has given me a taste of what I would like to do it already, there are some minor jobs to do but nothing too major, The list looks something as...
1-4 of 4 Results