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  1. Audio & Lighting
    Have Fosgate system and looking at what to prioritize and get
  2. New Members Forum
    Does anyone have alink or know how to replace the speakers in the rear of a spyder :fever:
  3. Audio & Lighting
    So with having the Eclipse Spyder and spring coming around the corner I plan to install my SXV300v1, however after looking at the antenna that comes with it and the antenna that is on the trunk it doesn't look like can just take the old one off and mount the new one without either A: crappy...
  4. Problem Reports
    I have a 2008 Spyder with a 8" sub mounted in the middle of the back seat. I have replaced the original sub with a Pioneer and have noticed a rattling noise when the sub hits the deep lows. I have pressed against the center grill enclosure and the rattling stops. So, I rigged up some 3" foam...
  5. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    I took the plate off of my radio and noticed the CD player could probably be exchanged for a touchscreen pioneer radio I have. I have a radio, a speaker box, an amp, and 2 subs I want to install into the radio but I can't put the original faceplate back onto the radio after the install because...
  6. Audio & Lighting
    One of my rear speakers appea to be blown, what would an appropriate replacement speaker be? Im looking for something that would sound better but not looking to spend a huge amount. Any help appreciated, im kinda new to car audio.
  7. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Step 1: Remove the door panel. There are guides on here about how to remove it, and I will link one in the bottom of this post. It's basically two bolts and four screws. The bolts are 10 mm. Step 2: Cut off the plastic rivets. There are three on the passenger door and four on the driver door...
  8. Audio & Lighting
    Have in the works a huge interior project.. Plans are custom audio bezel 1.) silver leafing around parts (ex. Vents, radio, etc...) 2.) blue/red LEDs in around radio, inside vents,....... Headliner 1.)Fiber optic starry night 2.)Airbrush planets/universe Sub box 1.) blue/purple/red LEDs 2.)...
  9. Audio & Lighting
    Hello 4G! I just bought my first eclipse, however the previous owner failed to mention the driver side speaker is blown. I tested the audio system before I bought it but I guess I just didn't play strong enough music to notice. So my question is, are there after market 6x9s I can buy to...
  10. Audio & Lighting
    hi all . i have a question .. but first don't blast me i did search but no answer so here my ??? i want to install my aftermarket sub but still want to keep the factory one too so can you guys help me how to install it .. thanks alot .. new amp will run new sub and new front and back Speaker...
  11. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Hi All, Don't need anymore. Local pickup only please. Southern Calif (Orange County) Mission Viejo Area. Take ALL for $40.00 OBO I will give you a "free" set of New Front Floor Mats. :biggrin: LMK. Thanks
  12. Audio & Lighting
    Hey I have the 8 speaker one subwoofer system in my car but a previous owner has swapped out the stock deck with a kenwood that is only running my rear speakers. I'm looking for a list of decks that will run tue entire system. I've looked online and all i can find are four channel decks no 6 or...
  13. Audio & Lighting
    I wanted to replace my OEM radio system with one BOSS AUDIO BV9364B Double-DIN 6.2 inch Touchscreen DVD Player Receiver, Bluetooth, Wireless Remote. the think I already got every speaker, but I have not been able to install the subwoofer at all, also i purchased Metra Axxess ASWC-1 Universal...
  14. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    hi guys anyone selling their rf speaker driver side or both sides please PM if you do so
  15. Spyder Specific
    How many people on here has a speaker box in the trunk of their spyder ? Sent from Free App
  16. Audio & Lighting
    Have the 2009 Eclipse with he RF audio package. I've pretty much blown the front right dash and door speakers. Just wondering, what size speaker goes in the door? dash? I've seen a lot of people saying that 6x9 fit in the front and 6.5 in the back but I checked on RF's website and they said...
  17. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    More high res photos on Flicker:[email protected]/ Asking $6750 2008 Eclipse GT SE V6 VIN: 4A3AK64T58E009567 Mileage: 111,600 (Highway Miles) 6 Speed Transmission This car has all of the goodies that were available from dealer. 18 inch wheels, Moonroof, Rockford...
  18. Audio & Lighting
    Hey guys, What amp do you recommend ? I'm planning to install component speakers front and rear...also what model of components speakers are the best?Thank you
  19. Audio & Lighting
    I recently bought the AUX cord that plugs into the back of the wire harness. Wasn't too bad to install, but after I got everything back in, I tested it and the sound quality isn't very good. Sounds like right side is barely playing, the bass is almost non existent in any speaker including the...
1-19 of 60 Results