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  1. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Hey guys, second up in the series, I have Fuel Injector Development 1000 series injectors. They flow [email protected], or [email protected], which is what we run as factory fuel pressure. I have a set for my own car, and they were all flow matched to [email protected] for example. They are supposed to be...
  2. Problem Reports
    This just started yesterday. I have one of those car charger adapter things and starting today anytime I plug my phone to charge, the radio turns to static. I unplug it and the radio works just fine. I tried the plug in the dash and in the center console and both spots do the same thing. Any ideas?
  3. Audio & Lighting
    So I recently purchased some LEDs from amazon and they are causing static through the radio. Any way I can fix this?
  4. Problem Reports
    OK so to start off I have the RF 6 disc system so I have the upgraded system. The past few days it has been colder here in Texas than normal (16 degrees F). Yes I know its not that cold but its cold for Texas. Well I noticed that my right side speakers were barely putting out any sound. Then...
  5. Driveline
    Dont know if my autotranny is giving issues. When i press the accelerator, the rpm goes high immediately and then, the speed climbs (at the same static RPM). So basically, the engine note is high when the accelerator is pressed and then the vehicle comes to speed gradually. Is this an auto...
  6. Good Guys/Bad Guys
    I typically post a Good Guy/Bad Guy report only after I install the part(s) after some immediate on the spot post saying I would buy the kit and all I need is a paypal adress, I got one, the kit was shipped to me very, very quikely. With that said, the HKS ground kit came almost two months ago...
  7. Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
  8. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    okay so i have a couple thing that im wondering that i cant find anywhere so im hoping someone here can help. 1. i have a static eclipse right now on megans that i love and i have it dropped super low but my rear end likes to kick out alot and i dont know why, i have it aligned and everything...
  9. Problem Reports
    There a couple of other threads for this, but the OP's quit before there was a resolution or an explanation. When I turn on my rear window defroster, my radio turns into a loud static-y mess. I assume that this is because the antenna is in the defroster, but it shouldn't be doing that. Is...