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  1. Tuning and Electronics
    Does anyone know how I can contact stayer for a tune on my 08 GT. Heard he’s on whatsapp and he hasn’t been on the forums. I’ve messaged him directly but he hasn’t been online for 29days, sent the message 19days ago. If not Stayer then who else is an active tuner (a good one) that I can contact?
  2. Tuning and Electronics
    Who's still tuning for these cars? I have a Hackish/Fastworks tune from back in like 2013, however it never satisfactorily dealt with my RRE headers throwing codes for the downstream O2 sensors. I'd be more than willing to pay a tuner who can remove the P0157 and P0137 downstream O2 sensor codes...
  3. Driveline
    In the exploratory phase of auto to manual swap and have a few questions. The shop that's been doing my suspension has done this swap before (4G MT swapped to Galant) and is onboard to help with the install. I've following salvage titles on and someday will find a donor car...
  4. Northwest
    Since recently moving to Portland, I've seen exactly zero 4Gs, so not sure if anyone here knows or cares, but I'm trying to figure out how to pass emissions/smog test. I have RRE headers and stock tune. Since moving up here I've been consistently getting P0137 and P0157 either active or...
  5. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    Hi friends! Earlier I announced a topic about the kit camshaft for 6G75. It's time to do this for the 6G75. As always, I try to explain the principle of operation. It's hard for me to explain in English. But I will try to make you understand me.
  6. Eclipse Performance
    I would like to do it on line with Hackish or Stayer, I tuned my other car after modding to stage 2, using ECUTEK, so wondering if I can use that "cable" to do it with one of them on line, thank you!
  7. Eclipse Performance
    Hi friends! Continue your project. I wrote earlier that for the construction of necessary engineering approach. That is, first done structural calculations. After that begins the process of compiling details. In this topic I want to talk about the pistons. To obtain a power of about 300 HP (N/A)...
  8. Eclipse Performance
    Hi friends! In this topic I want to talk about the headers. I don't know English. I understand what it was, what kind of things are discussed. But I do not understand why the exhaust manifold is called the "header". My translator translates this word as a "title". Well. All people (tuners...
  9. Tuning and Electronics
    As many of you may know, Stayer is offering an ecu reflash/Tune from Russia. I have chosen him to tune my 06 GT automatic after reading other threads supporting him. Everyone that reviewed him was very happy with the results and trusted him to deliver services without issues. He offers this tune...
1-9 of 9 Results