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  1. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
  2. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    So, I started throwing the infamous P0421 bank 1 cat code. Was hoping it was just an O2 sensor, but dealer says the cat is failing. Spoke to RRE and they said if 1 was failing, the other is right behind it and best to replace both. So, approx. $2500. Considering I'm at 11 years and 101,000...
  3. Problem Reports
    Im trying to find out what an 2007 eclipse runs at the track stock i have looked it up but most internet pages say it runs 14.89 i wanna hear from ppl who acutally put it on a track what are some of your best times on a stock v6eclipse or just basic mods you can also private massages me
  4. Member's Videos
  5. GT
    Hello curious to see what our car can run in a 1/4 mile I have a 2007 gt also what parts did u have to run that time thanks
  6. The Lounge
    Well everyone I know have not been around for about a year. Unfortunately my return is not so happy. For many reasons its time to say goodbye to my 06 Frost White Beauty. It was fun building her, but its time to part ways. I will be trading her in, however I will post her on here first. Also I...
  7. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Well today i went to my nearest auto parts store browsing along when i came across Royal Purple:confused:. I was wondering is Royal purple a good oil to use? I know my dad use to use it in his 87 chevy pickup before he sold it but i was just asking you guys do anybody on here use this. I'm goin...
  8. New Members Forum
    Hi Folks, I swear that I have Googled "4G Eclipse" and ran down a number of leads in order to find out what that means! I mean, I don't know where the "4G" comes in:(. In fact, I actually came up on another term; "2G eclipse" that I also don't have a clue as to its meaning but in that case, I...
  9. New Members Forum
    Hey everyone my name is Tim me and my wife Aeriel have a 08 gs spyder will post pick later today just signed up and still at work anyone around salt lake throw us a shout
  10. Computers and Gaming
    The iPhone 5 was revealed yesterday as a thinner, taller with a bigger display. I am no Apple fan boi, but I'm sure we have some on this site. Who ordered one already? CNet Review: iPhone 5 Hands On - Features, Price, Release Date - CNET Reviews
  11. Eclipse Performance
    How many resonators can you fit under the hood of a small car? I've counted 3 so far on the Eclipse. This one is intriguing, the "Air Filter Resonator", as if air had anything better to do than pass through a relatively clean filter...
  12. New Members Forum
    Sorry for the late intro. But anyways names Tim. Bought a 07 gt in june of 2009. Don't think I know anyone here personally. Hometown is Frederick MD. I now live in Hagerstown MD. I have been all over this site for three years but felt like I couldn't join till I was modded alittle. So about...
  13. Meet Pictures
    Hey guys, some photo's from the meet yesterday (071412) These are the ones I had taken. hopefully any other members who went will post theirs in here and any vids they got. (Kandace, Jon, Tim, Steven, Jason!!) Here are the pics i took: love this pic
  14. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Looking for STOCK tail lamps. The previous owner put Ebay lights in and one has failed on me. I also dont feel they show enough light in the daylight anyways. Also i doubt anyone has the hatch spoiler. This also has been painted black and the stop lamp is covered. thanks ahead of time
  15. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    I've had to redo my front bumper almost every time I've washed my car due to the fact that fucking bugs like to commit suicide on it and become one with the plasti. I used to have my wheels plasti'd and they didn't so much as get a ding on them but WTF. Am I the only one that has to deal with...
  16. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    is it possible to change something up to be able to have my fog lights stay on when i switch over to my hi beams since i have replaced the stock lights with hid kit it doesnt really have hi and low beam it just has the bulb on an electromagnetic rock that it just lifts the bulb a little higher...
  17. Good Guys/Bad Guys
    My for sale thread: Originally priced @ $175 shipped, the potential buyer offered $130+Shipping in post #21: So I PM the potential buyer accepting his offer: Now where the BS begins. Okay, so he wants to think...
1-17 of 61 Results