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  1. Eclipse Performance
    Hi guys. I'm going to get rid of my exhaust headers cats. First I was thinking about gutting cats. But according to a lot of responses it is not the best option. Unfortunately I can't find RRE or OBX headers in my country so I decided to try Lacer 2004 Ralliart headers, they look pretty nice and...
  2. Forced Induction & Nitrous
    Hi guys, after Big Brembos install car accelerates a lil bit slower, so I'm going to make it a bit quicker. I was thinking about FI especially turbo, but it looks that a lot of custom work needed and now it is not possible. I'm going to stay N/A and already have bought 1port NX Nitrous kit from...
  3. Tuning and Electronics
    I'm wondering if installing a cold air intake and a gt throttle body on the 2.4l gs would cause me to run lean. If so, do you know the steps it would take for me to get an ecu tune from Alex MrBishi? I am kind of lost I just bought parts for my 4g eclipse but I am hesitant to put anything on if...
  4. Tuning and Electronics
    I am looking for a tuner on my 2006 eclipse gs. anyone know somewhere i can get it tuned? i am having a hard time finding anything. I don't even know where to start if i wanted to do it myself
  5. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    I am BRAND NEW to this world but have always wanted to modify a 4G Eclipse. Hoping someone can help me. Looking for a mechanic and car group in the Detroit area if anyone has any suggestions or information. Appreciate any help!
  6. New Members Forum
    hello everyone, i am new here and this is the first question I have a GT V6 2009 so in 2015, i changed my exhaust to a straight pipe, and two days ago I ran the car on the dyno the results were that the torque was lower also the HP ( 225hp - 340 of torque) anyhow, we tuned the car and gained...
  7. Eclipse Performance
    Hello guys. Recently I have changed my OEM intake system to DC Sports CAI. The difference in dynamics is really noticeable. After 3k rpm my car screams like v8. Acceleration feels better even from low rpm. I have no fog lights and there is no need to cut a hole in fog light cover . Instead I m...
  8. Exterior Parts
    Hello guys. Recently I have added diffuser to my 2010 gs. Just want to attach some pics how it looks.
  9. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hello everyone! Im new to the car world. I currently have a 2011 eclipse. I installed so far an air intake and changed my exhuast system. Im going to install some injectors and looking to tune my car. Anyone have an recommendations in Chicago or near Chicago? I would appreciate it. Thank you!
  10. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    So i have had my 2011 eclipse for over 3 years now and i am thinking of giving it some more power. I am kinda new to the whole tunning scene since it is my first car. Not looking for an engine swap or turbo. My question is. Where do i start? What would you recommend?
  11. Tuning and Electronics
    Rightnow I’m trying to tune up my galant a little bit without forced induction but would like to eventually get into it(unless I decide to get a dedicated project car). I have already put in a SRI instead of factory air box and did a cat back. I would like to be able to put a new set of headers...
  12. Tuning and Electronics
    Does anyone know how I can contact stayer for a tune on my 08 GT. Heard he’s on whatsapp and he hasn’t been on the forums. I’ve messaged him directly but he hasn’t been online for 29days, sent the message 19days ago. If not Stayer then who else is an active tuner (a good one) that I can contact?
  13. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    Hi I’m new here but I have an 06 eclipse gt 6 spd 46k miles. The p0037 code is tripping the ses light ... I just added an injen CAI and was wanting to start tuning the car one around SE Missouri has anything on tuning anything except LS motors. So...what can I do here? Does fastworks have a...
  14. Tuning and Electronics
    Double posted Sorry
  15. Tuning and Electronics
    I adjust my fuel injector size down to get closer to zero on my ltft at cruise which was +5.7 and is now +1.2 after I adjusted.. Now I am trying to increase my Idle ltft from -9.8 to 0. I read in the merlins tuning guide to decrease fuel latency but it is not doing anything. Is there some other...
  16. Tuning and Electronics
    Hey all, I just picked up an 07 Eclipse GT Spyder and I'm in the process of adding all bolt ons. I am trying to find a thread on tuning on here but many seem to be dead or inactive members. Can anyone recommend where to start with tuning for everything once I am done? (Ingen Catback, RRE...
  17. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    Hey, I'm getting a clutch (FX100) and steel flywheel put in on a stock Eclipse GT (ish). Figured it might be a good time to get a differential installed since I'm having a shop work on it...
  18. Tuning and Electronics
    Who's still tuning for these cars? I have a Hackish/Fastworks tune from back in like 2013, however it never satisfactorily dealt with my RRE headers throwing codes for the downstream O2 sensors. I'd be more than willing to pay a tuner who can remove the P0157 and P0137 downstream O2 sensor codes...
  19. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    I'm asking for opinion from some of our more advanced wrench turners out there. I've been watching a lot of reviews on the new TorqAmp electric turbo and I have to say, aside from the price, it looks really interesting. I am not real sure if our GT motor (6G75) is considered a "low compression"...
  20. Tuning and Electronics
    I recently replaced my head with the outlander xls version and I found out that the cam profiles are a bit different. In mivec, the valves seem to open about 4-8 degrees earlier. Would I advance ignition timing in this case?
1-20 of 495 Results