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  1. Midwest
    Hey all you 4Gers in the Twin Cities. I am in Minasota for a couple of days and wondering if there is anything going on? Drove my Spyder down from snow covered Canada. Would be cool to meet up for a coffee or something. Let me know.
  2. Part Reviews/Opinions
    does anybody know of any shops in minnesota around the twin cities that will do lowering spring install? the three quotes i've gotten are all around 400-450 and i just dont want to pay that much for them to be installed. my dad wont let me put them in my self so i have to pay for them to be...
  3. Midwest
    I am making this thread for anyone and everyone, around Minnesota in the Mid west here. This thread will be for 4g of the Twin Cities (4g MN club) to get info out about all the 2 day meets we have during the summer. We decided to start doing these 2 day meets, because of our growing club. And...
  4. Member's Rides
    Well I was bored as hell at work tonight so I said f*** it and as you can see, made my ride thread...enjoy: Interior: Custom paint color match center consoles Custom switch/wiring to control; Fog lights, interior glow, trunk glow(not done with yet), front bumper glow(not done with yet) Custom...
  5. Good Guys/Bad Guys
    I had ordered a Minnesota 4g Twin Cities Decal. Very easy application as it took only about 5 mins! Shipping and the quality of the decal was great! Thanks TearStone!:bigthumb:
  6. Midwest
    Hey everyone this is Matt from 4g of the Twin Cities, I am making this thread to see if anyone from our neighboring states wants to come over for a meet. The location of this meet will be determined by who is willing to come out. So far we are talking about having it in Stillwater, MN because...
  7. Midwest
    Come one, come all, to the state with the most lakes! but not under one of the states in the great lakes....anyway join up for updates and if you haven't yet join the (4G of the Twin Cities) club too
  8. Great Lakes Region
    (4G of the Twin Cities) If you haven't yet joined the (4G of the Twin Cities) club get to it...and if an administrator comes across this thread go ahead and delete it...peace!
  9. Midwest
    I know there are some guys down in the twin cities area of MN, but is anyone else up here? I go to school in Grand Forks ND. Just curious to see if anyone is close by.
  10. Member's Rides
    Hi everyone! I am pretty new to and i guess i consider myself new to the game as well; considering that I am only 17. But age is just a number, i think at least. I own a 2008 black mitsubishi eclipse gt mt, right now it is only dropped on springs but the fitment is pretty good for...
  11. New Members Forum
    Hey all Club4g people from Minnesota, nokiauser and I are trying to get a crew togather before we get hit with the cold. Hit me up first meeting will be this Sat. night the 27th of Aug.
  12. New Members Forum
    Just thought my first post should be here! Just bought my wife a 2007 Spyder GT with the 6 speed for her wedding anniversary. I don't see any mods in the cars future since its her daily driver and being "old farts" we have no plans on racing it! I do plan on doing almost all of my own service...
  13. The Lounge
    Woo hoo! After the intake, I should be done for quite a while with mods. (will save some money for another car) Still have the spoiler delete and the eyelids to do. Did the eyelids but redoing it due to misalignment - had to get some 3M tape. If anyone is in the Twin Cities, I'm going to the...
1-14 of 14 Results