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  1. California
    Ok, here it is. February's official members meet. Date: Feb. 13th Time: 11:00am Place: Wendy's 3019 S. Hoover St Los Angeles, CA 90007 We usually meet at Toyots Santa Monica but this time we're doing this on a saturday which means Toyota will be open for business. I don't...
  2. Member's Rides
    Enjoy some'll also find these in the Liquid Silver thread as well. No question about it, The Whip is clearly nocturnal... I'm surprised no one has ever followed my lead on this one... Clean, crisp, and sizzling cold... So glad to see some other folks liked this and did it...
  3. New Members Forum
    Some of you may or may not remember me from ".com"...I was in the military at that time with the 20th SOS. The squadron was disbanded, the whip went into storage, and I disappeared. When I went back, I noticed that apparently a lot of drama had gone down, as did the activity on what was once a...
1-3 of 3 Results