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    custom catback two magnaflow 3inch core mufflers no resonator rre headers
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    so i know i haven't even put pix of my progress yet but its because I have been saving up my pictures and shit on my camera and have not had the time to put pix up. I started doing ufc and working an actual job so i finally raised up enough money to get my first few things. first I got an AEM...
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    my cousin chilling in my car
  4. Texas
    UFC 133 next Saturday at 8:30pm..Anybody interested? Plus wouldn't mind showing you guys 1 of the 2 new car editions to the family. Juts have to find a wing's and more that's central to everyone... Let me know 1.)cuyo 2.)
  5. South East
    Update Change in venue by popular demand:Ok DSMers we offically have everything in order. We have CarolinaDSM, memebers from memebers, & other forum memebers & shops attending lets have a great turnout where we can make this an annual event with more than 1 day. Thanks. NC/SC...
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    It was fucking awesome. Got a 3 hour training session yesterday with the best of UFC. Dave Camarillo, Crazy Bob Cook, Trevor Prangley, and Chuck Liddell I rolled with Dave mostly. But I still got choked out by Bob and Trevor taught me a few kicks for some upcoming amature fights I am planning...