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  1. 314724150_1456546148190534_8236441585028863958_n.jpg

    I fricked up my car this week on my way to work. Thankfully despite my stupidity no one was hurt, and of that I am very thankful. The car is repairable. the damaged is completely my fault.
  2. My modern eclipse build on the GS modle

    mods, cold air intake back wing (was a gift) custom paint job custom rims and tires (not shown in picture just got today) better fuel injectors custom straight piped exhaust halo headlights high flow cats
  3. Problem Reports
    I'll just explain everything and you can straighten me out... 2007 Eclipse 4 cyl auto trans, 215K miles. I'm driving and the car suddenly goes into 3rd gear. D on the dashboard is blinking. I putt putt to my work and turn it off. Later in the day I come out and everything is now fine. Go...
  4. New Members Forum
    Hi folks, my name is Paul and I’ve recently inherited a 4G Eclipse. The details: 2006 Eclipse GT 6 speed with about 110k km (about 68k miles). Typhoon K&N intake. Some kind of aftermarket headlights (they’re bright and seem to work well but are not completely wired up, project for another...
  5. Member's Rides
    Today my build restarted with some disassembly with a lot of work & a bunch of new parts hope to have it drivable by next spring/early summer
  6. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    hey all! you probably do not know me but I recently had my eclipse rebuilt with the help of my grandfather and now I have a vengeance for the streets. I'm going to do everything I can to it and I need help from people on this forum because my education and google aren't enough. Since I'm in...
  7. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hi guys I’m new member here and I’m trying to figure something out in my car for a week and still no luck.. so I bought a fog lights and I plugged them and I bought a switch & it came with harness as well.. so what I did as it showing in the picture I cut off the old harness because it was too...
  8. Tuning and Electronics
    Is there a trick to increase idle rpm in drive. My car is automatic. I have tried changing moving idle speed it does nothing. Stationary idle speed will increase will increase rpm in park. Thanks Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  9. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    I have a 2006 Eclipse GS and I was thinking about adding fog lights. I have found all the housings and bulbs but I am running into problems with the fog light switch. I cannot find a 4 pin fog light switch anywhere. Ive searched junkyards and online, and many of them are out of stock. Would a 6...
  10. New Members Forum
    Just wanting to say hi to fellow 4G owners and wanting to learn about the maintenance and preservation of my 2008 Eclipse GS. I'm going to try to post you a picture of what i got to work with. It's a totally stock 2.4L with a 5sp and only 81K miles on the clock.Thanks for letting me join!
  11. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    This Eclipse right here is a certified badass 4G if you hadn't already seen it on YouTube. I can't do most of the custom amazing mods he's done for performance, but I'm wondering if I might be able to emulate a backyard version of his custom one-off front bumper mod. You can see it here in...
  12. New Members Forum
    Hey everyone! I'm Brandon, and I am actually pretty set on getting an 06 Eclipse GT as a first car (yes, I am 16). This will be my first car to work on too most likely, and I hope to be welcomed by this community and learn more about my potential car and everyone else's! Have a great day! :P
  13. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I'm in the middle of a balancing act between upgrading my 09 GS Spyder and surviving Coronavirus destroying the restaurant industry I work in. If anyone is willing to cut me a deal on RRE Headers, RRE Underdrive Pulley, Megan Coilovers, Wheels, Halo Headlights, or possibly exhaust parts...
  14. GS
    I loaded rpm,knock sum and ignition load on fastwork. When I look at the datalog and click on the knock sum. Do I go to the highest knock sum and take away timing in that cell or do I adjust right when the knock sum start to happened? I want to learn how to use this software. I only got knock...
  15. Driveline
    I'm an old school shade tree mechanic who hasn't turned a wrench in a long time. I'm starting to mod the '08 GT I've had for 3 years already and I could use some advice from other gearheads about what mods I should address first. I'm looking to build for performance before hanging any...
  16. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    Hello. I got my 09 Spyder GS so I could learn to work on a car, and now that I've got my tool set, I'm planning to jump in with some intake modifications to build some confidence. Next week I plan to get my ducks in a row for a DC CAI install, TB bypass, GT TB swap, and intake resonator delete...
  17. The Lounge
    I feel bad I missed a chance to respond to RJ88's thread before it was closed. His topic is the current global conversation that's literally raging all around the US as we speak, and as a POC he wanted to be heard and clearly wanted to listen. I'm sad I missed that. We're all here on the forum...
  18. The Lounge
    This is how our conversation is going thus far. This guy has deleted Five of my posts in a matter of hours because we dont agree and he thinks he has the authority to choose what is posted and what isnt even if it falls within the guidelines. You are not the end all, be all of what gets...
1-18 of 500 Results