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time wasted - goodbye
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what a fkn beauty
nearly complete
swapped all oem bulbs for 6500k LED on 90% blue on 10%

2005 Mit Eclipse GT V6 5-spd
paid $2000 in 2015 with 91,000 miles
full 30% tint
Head-light hi/low = HB4 16,000lm $18
Fog-light H1 = 16,000lm $18
Rigidhorse 7D 22" Curved 28,000lm Lightbar $28
dash/clock/rear view mirror T10 w5w blue canbus $16
flip down face mirror 28mm-31mm 5050 SMD Festoon 6614 Fuse LED Light $7
thats just LEDS

recently painted the entire outside with $25 worth of spray paint lol...looks better than maco....if you know Eclipse the oem paint is shit... peels fades total looks beautiful now for cheap, 50 hours sanding & painting

brand new
ngk plugs/wires
cap + distributor
o2 sensors
maf, map, other sensors
valve cover gaskets
throttle body/intake gasket & tear down & clean
front ball joints
front strut bushings
drilled n slotted rotors

1600w ma amp
2 pioneer r12
kenwood mp3
on top of bose oem system

Injen Cold Air Intake
magnaflow rear end
Mobile 1 full synthetic + full synthetic filter
108k miles

only thing left is timing belt, water pump
i dont trust myself doing timing

i did everything else myself
it was all my 1st time
im a computer guy not a car guy... ty google

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