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Damage free and has all the screws as well. If you do want it PM me (if it works) and we can discuss shipping and such. The last picture is mine and if we do come to a deal Ill make it look just like that and send you a picture before I send it to you because its a little dirty as is. Just too lazy to do it without it being sold but I won't sell it dirty. I'm nice like that馃槀


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I'm back!

Well, look who had a few hours to play today?

We finally got most of my girlfriend's house to fit inside my house. Now that things are settling down here, I decided to try to finish out this fatmat job on the GT before old man winter get here (that stuff is a lot easier to work with in the summer than the winter).

So without further adieu, I've finally started disassembling the interior to quiet down the from cabin...

The car still smells like a mechanic from the radiator replacement back in the spring (the mechanic just sit down dripping with sweat and test drove my car around the block). I've tried everything to remove the smell (which in fairness, is at least 50% me) but I think I'll have a lot more luck with it out of the car.

Since I'll need to do that anyways to remove the carpet, I'm pulling them both.

Anyone thinking of doing this, there are three plugs under each of the seats ( for the air bag, weight sensor). You need to disconnect the battery before removing these plugs, otherwise I believe the airbag warning light will come on. Also, there's always a chance of one of the airbags malfunctioning and going off, which I don't need in my life.

They are a little hard to unplug, since you have to hold the seat at an angle to really get to them. two were push button on top, the yellow one was a little tab you slid forward and it released.

Now that the seats are out, I can finally pull out the disgusting factory carpet and try to clean that thing up a bit...

I'm sure that is the source of about 25% of the smell inside my car. I'm willing to bet the seat is half of it and the air conditioning system is the rest.

Here's the floorboard after cleaning up the pieces of fiberglass and vacuuming and wiping everything down with warm water. The gross black liquid that spilled into the center console appeared to also pool up in the driver floorboard, but I was able to wipe all that gunk out before I start sound proofing it.

So, I've got the work started but I ran out of daylight. The temperature dropped to the mid 50s and 60s here yesterday (until then we were in the 90s). So I'm not sure how long it will take to lay the rest of this fatmat. I've been using a hair dryer to help adhesion. I plan on finishing out the floorboard tomorrow and we're going to try the pressure washer on the carpet (or at least a strong water hose).
I've been driving it all week because my gf had hand surgery and is driving my GMC, since her car is a standard. I'll likely need to drive her car next week, because I doubt I can clean and dry the seats and carpet in one day.

I'll post again soon... thanks for reading.

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Day two: interior fatmat

So, I got a few hours again today and finished out the fatmat in the cabin floorboards. Altogether, I spent about 4 hours today doing this...

Here's another view...

While I had the carpet out, this afternoon I sprayed 3 gallons of soapy water directly into the carpet and then rinsed it all out with a high pressure hose.

I agitated it with a stiff pole brush before the rinse...

Even though the heavy wear under the driver floorboard is still visible, it no longer smells like a walmart parking lot.

So, tomorrow I hope the carpet will be dry enough to put back in and I can start re-assembling the back seat and side trim. I'd like the have the bucket seats back in too.

I've really been thinking about fatmat on my roof, under the liner. My GF is worried I'll damage the liner and thinks it won't make much difference anyways. What do you think? Anyone sound proofed their roof and did it make a difference?

I'll update again soon.

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Putting it all back together...

So it's getting dark really early now (6:45pm and I was pretty much working in the dark tonight). Sorry for the night time pictures, but being a working Joe is tough.

Anyways, the carpet turned out great. Pretty much ZERO smell left in it (I decided to spray a heavy layer of Lysol on the under padding and then sprinkled baking soda on top of the fatmat before re-installing the carpet. That should take care of any remaining mustiness trapped in the carpet.

I'll get better pictures in the day time, but I managed to get all the trim pieces back in place and locked down the carpet in the few spots it actually fastens.

I also was able to get the rear seats reinstalled with "minimal" effort...

In this case, minimal means I put the seat back in place, snapped it down to lock it in and then realized I hadn't fastened either rear seat belt (that bolt is under the seat, of course. So I released some blood to the car Gods and eventually got the damn thing to unhook (if you've ever removed your rear seat bottom, you know the latches I'm talking about).

Anyways, tomorrow is the GF's birthday so Saturday I will likely get the center console and front seats re-installed (I'll have to take out the driver seat again soon to finish cleaning it up properly, since I haven't had a chance to shampoo it). I have to take my GT out on the road again or I'm going to go nuts, plus I plan on flushing the steering fluid so I need to get these seats back in so I can hook up the battery for the pump.

I'll post some pics Saturday and we'll see how much I get back together. So far, I've only been a couple of screws and plastic clips short, but I'm starting to think I've misplaced a bag of screws or something because I shouldn't be stealing screws from one part to do another. May have to run down to home depot and pick up some spares if it doesn't turn up.

See ya'll next time.

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Personally have seen this build process...

As one of his good friends we did the header install... I will say nicely it was a major PITA :crunk:.... 2 day ordeal stripping top of motor down to looking at the valve train on rear head... but as he stated made a huge difference in performance, and aside from jus room to get the rear header in, was easy bolt up... RRE is legit quality stuff.

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So the weather has taken a wonderful turn this week and I took advantage of the 70 degree weather to get my interior put back together...

The front seats were pretty dirty and unfortunately, I haven't had time to actually steam clean them, but I did take a serious soapy cloth to them, followed by the 303 protectorant I've been using on this interior.

There was a lot of gross greasy dirt and debris on everything underneath the seats. Now if I drop something under the seat, I won't need to wash my hands immediately (possibly followed by a tetanus shot).

I also gave them a good vacuuming...

Since I had part of the dash apart when I removed the center console, I thought I'd go ahead an match the door plates with the same vinyl 4D "carbon fiber" look...

I am the absolute worst at wrapping parts.... sigh. I'm not sure why all my wraps end up with wrinkles and air bubbles/debris spots. This time I even caught one of my arm hairs under the vinyl, some how.

It still turned out ok, but I'm glad I'll be replacing this with a double din plate in the near future (for a decent touch screen stereo).

I also managed to shoe horn in both front seats...

I can't believe how clean the interior is (except for the dash, which will be getting a good cleaning too), and I've got to figure out a fix for that damn warped dash.
So, I put off sound proofing the roof for now (most likely will do it in the spring).

I took it out for about a 40 mile Sunday drive today and this project really DID make a huge difference. With the windows up, the drone that had made me start thinking about selling my car is practically gone. It is replaced by a deep "good" exhaust sound, without all the rattling and things normal for a 14 year old car. With the windows down, I can still hear the exhaust but the accompanying road noise and tire noise is also gone. As a bonus, my stereo sounds terrific, much deeper and richer.

So, overall I've got about 40 hours in the sound proofing and I can tell you, if you have the time and patience to do it right, our cars benefit GREATLY from this mod.

So I've decided to let a shop flush my tranny and power steering fluid (because I quite honestly don't feel like dealing with jack stands and stuff right now). I should have that done by mid week, at which point I'll likely order my Raillart lids and OEM rubber mats. I'll be getting an airconditioner cleaning kit as well, to knock out the rest of the old car smell. I'll detail the car completely on the outside soon too, but I want to get those lids on first. Oh, almost forgot, I still have to reseal up the spoiler and mount that back on, and install a cabin filter for the A/C.

Well, that's all for this update. Thanks again for following my thread. I'll update again soon.

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Had the day off for a doctor appointment so I took the GT down to the shop and got the power steering fluid and transmission fluid flushed out. That sorts out the last of the mechanical things needing attention. When i get back this afternoon, I plan on reassembling the spoiler. Still need a decent clear adhesive, might just use clear gorilla glue. I'll post some pictures after it gets mounted and i can wash the whole car again.

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Whoops, I did something stupid...

Tonight, I decided to finish fixing the led bar in the rear spoiler. It had been working nicely before, however, the silicon sealer I used to glue it back together didn't hold up in the Arkansas sun so I decided to do what I needed to make the two pieces fit better together (to release the pressure put on the bond by the extra thickness. Well, after a while I decided the 48'' bar was about an inch too long and after looking at the led's inside the rubber housing, I decided I could cut the strip right up to the last led and probably still be safe.
I did that and probably fried my ECU.

My GT will not start. If I lock it with the key, it does not flash blinker lights nor honk the horn. If I hit my hazard button, the inside light flashes.

When I turn the key to the start position, I get zero lights, zero ignition, not a click, nothing. in the on position it turns on a few lights but no buzzing from the door being open, nothing.

I can only assume I created a short. The wires I used on this project were cat5 strands from some ethernet cable I had around, so I don't think they could carry much amperage. I don't think it fried any wiring, since I smelled nothing, and the whole time the led bar was working correctly (I've since disconnected the entire led controller module and insulated the wires.

Anyways, I'm about to post on the general help forum to see if anyone has encountered this (I'm praying it's a blown fuse). Thought anyone reading this would be interested in tonight's events.

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Emergency diverted, we now resume with our regularly scheduled build log...

Ok, so turns out none of my fuses were blown, nor was it my ecu. Apparently with all the downtime, my battery has started to fail. It was throwing an "unstable current" according to testing and i replaced it under warranty (yay me) for free. Once I installed the new one, the car was completely dead, no current to the fuse box. After a lot of time scratching my head, I finally found the new problem.

That is the main lead wire from my positive terminal to the hood fusebox, broken after 14 years of corrosion.

I removed some of the insulation and flattened it out, drilled a hole and screwed it directly to the positive post...

All electrical systems are back to normal and the car starts and runs fine now. These cars seriously rely on a good battery. Bonkers. Now back to my build...

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Update on spoiler re-installation

The last time I mentioned the spoiler I showed how the silicone sealant I used failed in the Arkansas sun. This time I used a liberal amount of clear gorilla glue and with the removal of an inch of the led strip and their end caps, the shell held together much more easily to a flushed even surface. I decided to seal the crack with pure clear silicone, to prevent any water intrusion and to keep debris out of the crack...

Well, during the disassembly I torqued a little too much with a screwdriver and the clear outer shell immediately cracked in a three finger wide crescent moon shape...

My normal 1 step forward 2 steps back.

Now, to add insult to injury, to prevent any sloppy silicone from getting on my shiny spoiler, I masked it and the trunk with some frog tape (pretty gentle and doesn't leave residue). The instant I pulled the frog tape off the spoiler this happened...

The clear coat I applied to the spoiler completely de-laminated and came off in long flakes. Needless to say, I am not happy. That was extremely expensive clear coat. Now I'm going to have to mask off the entire trunk (cause I'm not messing up my now sealed and flush spoiler mount, with working light bar) and reapply some cheap autozone clear coat. With the temps hovering in the 40s and 50s I'm guessing this will have to wait until spring. In the meantime, I get to enjoy a little spoiler molting.

Winter will likely slow down my project. I'll update again soon.

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Alot. If I have the windows rolled up, I'd say it has reduced road noise by 75% and engine/exhaust noise by 50 or 60%. It's not quite as quiet as when it was stock (those RRE headers and Magnaflow exhaust are significantly louder than OEM), but I don't want to completely muffle the purr.
It's quiet enough now that my girlfriend no longer frowns when I suggest we take it for a drive.

Now, there is a thicker 80 mil sound mat available that would probably bring that up to 85/90% reduction but it would be a bit heavier (especially if you're planning on putting it on the roof), plus it could make some trim spots a bit tight to put back in (although I ran into zero spots on my eclipse that felt tight when re-assembling the interior).

It really isn't difficult to do this, it just takes a lot of time. It's my favorite mod so far, because it really makes the car fun to drive again.

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Happy 2020 - New Mats to start the new year!

I finally ordered my brand new OEM all weather rubber mats for the GT!! They look great and smell wonderful!

Passenger side:

Driver side:

I wish I knew how to get the ashy looking light spots on the carpet out. Anyone have suggestions? I think I might have to use some sort of watered down dye to spray on it to be honest.

Winter needs to end, I'm so ready to get back to working on the car. I really want to get the AC system finished up (got the new filter installation kit and I'm about to order the condenser cleaner).
I'm also ready to start cleaning up the engine bay, but there's no way I'm doing that in 37F weather.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great year so far. I'll keep trickling in little upgrades on the post until the weather changes for the better.

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wow.. sound proofing is one of the most useful mods for the eclipse.. over time our cars get louder and louder to drive in.. big props to you man, that kinda patience and dedication it is a virtue! I wish I had that much time and patience with it..

Good luck with that demanding bitc*y lip spoiler and your next projects!

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Update: Installing backup lights and hooking up backup camera

I got some really nice screw style LEDs online last month and it finally stopped raining and warmed up to a balmy 65F today so I had an opportunity to turn a wrench (well, at least a screw driver and get some wiring done).

Here are the very small, yet surprisingly bright LEDs I'll be installing today...

Since they are much larger diameter than the original mounting screws and stick out at least an inch beyond the mounting plate, I had to modify the screw holes so they could poke through. I'll probably regret this one day, but for now, pretty stoked...

The license plate holder also needed to be modified, which my really large drill bit took care of nicely...

I really like the mounting rings that came with these LEDs. They look super clean installed...

Here's how clean it looks from the front...

Unfortunately, I didn't consider what widening those holes would mean to the camera mounthing bracket (which is steel). Rather than try to drill that steel plate, I decided to mount the camera upside down. If my new receiver doesn't have a function to flip the image, I may have to drill it out anyways.
For now it looks really great...

Here's the completely job... I know these look underwhelming, but especially with my rear lights tinted, these two little LEDs are easily 2 or 3 times as bright as my backup lights themselves. I think they would still be brighter by alot even if I hadn't tinted the rears...

I also hooked up the backup camera power to the rear lights lead and reconnected my 10" subwoofer/amp.

I'm going to be looking for a nice double din stereo (probably Android based, so I have some more control and function than what car stereo manufacturers are allowed to do). I might even be able to steram youtube/netflix to my dash soon (looks around carefully)... while driving.

Well, as always, thanks for checking out my latest update. Feel free to comment. Warmer days are coming, so are more updates.

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Spring is here! Let's clean our engines!!!

It stopped raining and actually got into the 50s today. Since I'm on vacation (not Covid related, I actually asked for the week off back in January) I decided it was time to take care of this atrocity....

That is a very dirty engine bay.

Here's a closer look...

I decided to start at the top and work my way down. The hood liner is filthy, but luckily it's intact and in pretty good shape...

I've been planning on doing this since last summer and bought something to help make the work go faster (plus I've been wanting this for a while).

The McCulloch 1275 steamer. I read a lot of reviews and unless you want to spend $900 on something called a VX5000, this appears to be the best bang for your buck. I know it cleaned the hell out of my master bathroom shower last weekend, so let's see what it can do to this nasty engine bay.

First though, I pulled the battery and covered everything that might be water sensitive:

Now that's taken care of, let's clean up that hood underside...

It's a little hard to see in this picture, but all of the dirt is gone and most of the remaining discoloration is from heat to the generally not as finished paint behind the liner. It appears they don't really shoot a nice smooth clear coat on the underside (which makes sense because it'll be covered by the liner). The steamer really helped get dirt and "goop" out of the seams and hard to reach spots.

I really wish pictures weren't limited to 800x600 but after about 3 hours, multiple toothbrushes, rags, spray bottles, steaming, wire brushes and don't forget 303 UV protector, this is what it looks like...

I'm pretty happy with that. Here's a closer look...

Here's a close up side by side comparison.

I still have to reattach the stabilizer bar and finish the battery installation and the cold air intake, but that should be a snap. I'll post a final picture in the sun (assuming we see the sun this week).
I'm trying to figure out what to try on that liner. It feels very similar to a headliner (kind of delicate cloth over a foam pad glued to a center board). It really doesn't seem like it will hold up to water, steam or anything that could break down the glue.
I've seen what happens to headliners that people try to clean (hanging down everywhere the glue has broken down). I'll probably use a very gentle soapy damp microfiber towel and just try to coax the dirt off the surface. I used a dry brush so far and it looks like about 50% came off just from that.
Also appears I'll be needing to buy new plastic clips for the liner, the old ones are not great and I'm not sure why but I was missing 3 of them when I removed it. Good time to get a new set.

Thanks for following my build... feel free to comment.

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Someone's been on Amazon again...

So I picked up the last one of these I could find on Amazon last week. I'll probably vinyl wrap it in the Faux CF that I used on the door trim (although this time I have a real heat gun).

I'm looking at several models of Android infotainment type decks. The #1 contender I found is the Atoto A6 pro. It's based on Android 6, which has me a little concerned, but it's packed full of features for only $250. Anyone had this deck or have an opinion on it?

I called a good friend of mine who owns a stereo and tinting shop and he said, and I quote, "junk". He recommended the Pioneer AVH-1400NEX. I looked at reviews (especially video reviews) and it was noticeably slower responding and terrible UI, except when it's in Android Auto mode (which requires a usb cable to be plugged into my phone). That's how I also use alot of the advanced features (navigation, iheart radio, etc) in my GMC, but it's also the reason I usually don't use it and leave an SD card plugged into it, because I hate having to plug/unplug my phone every time I get in or out of my car.

So I'm really thinking about ignoring the advice of a 20 year friend with 25 years in the stereo business, and just buying the "junk".
As a computer guy, I myself consider most people's computers as "junk" (if you're not getting 120+ fps in farcry 5 with everything on ultra, don't even tell me about your "gaming" rig), but I'm hoping this is the same. I'm hoping it's just that he's a radio snob who thinks if it's not a top of the line he wouldn't put it in his car and not a "I told you not to buy this chinese crap" moment when I'm asking if he can help me install it. LOL

Anyways, please anyone with experience in these Android double din decks, I would love any advice I can get before I go buying $250 of the wrong (or right) stuff.

Also, I ordered a new lower grill to protect the lower half of my baby's new radiator from rocks and stuff (it's supposed to be here tomorrow). I hope it'll fit between the stock front and the Razzi snout I've got on her.
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