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There isn't a single build in the world like this one. This car is based on a 2nd gen Mitsubishi Eclipse platform, and was built by Full-Power-Motors racing team for the sole purpose of breaking records in the FWD category of Russia's national drag racing championship. What makes this car unique is its transverse mounted 2JZ-GTE motor. Mind you, the engine is driving the front wheels. And after a two year hiatus, Full Power Motors' Mitsubishi Eclipse, which was the fastest front-wheel drive car back in 2015, is back.
Today I'm visiting Sergei Starshinov, the owner of this 1300-horsepower beast. He'll be filling is in on the technical side of his build, and telling us how much it costs to build a championship winning car. This one actually holds a special place in my heart, since it used to be mine.

Short list of tuning part used in this project:

- factory engine block 2jz-gte modified to strengthen
- the cooling jacket is completely filled with cement
- Crankshaft-OEM.
- Pistons CP-Pistons compression ratio 10:1
- R&R connecting rods (aluminum)
- Steel towbars (fpmotors)
- ACL bearings (with increased clearance)
- dry sump (FPmotors)
- clutch TILTON 3 disc carbon
- flywheel: steel (FPmotors)
- GARRETT 4718gtx turbocharger
- exhaust sys custom (FPmotors)
- intake sys custom (fpmotors)
- Bosh 2200cc 12pcs fuel injectors
- the ignition coils AEM
- engine control unit ABIT
- oil pump 3x section Barnes
- with Magnafuel 1000 fuel pump

- 4-speed transmission (base mitsubishi evolution 9)
- straight-toothed range (FPMOTORS)
- gear case (fpmotors)
- sequential control system
- drive shafts (FPmotors)
- front hubs (fpmotors)
- suspension arms (fpmotors)
- shock absorbers STRANGE
- Simpson 12" parachute braking system
- Brakes front: Strange Drag
- Rear brakes: Wilwood

- body D31a mitsubishi eclipse 2G
- aerodynamic body kit (fpmotors) carbon fiber
- seat SPARCO carbon
- Sparco steering wheel
- Wheels before: Weld Racing 15x12
- Wheels rear: Weld Racing 17×4
- Tire front: M&H 29×10.5
- Tire rear: Hoosier 27×4

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