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2007 Eclipse GT.

Just recently I've been experiencing frequent (but not always) low engine idle speeds when stopped. RPM's hover just above 0 -- it stalled once, but only once. But sometimes it idles fine. I've noticed that the low idle RPM's seem to coincide with what sounds like the AC compressor kicking on, even if the AC is not turned on. The AC light is not turned on on the climate controls. When the AC compressor decides to turn itself off, idle RPM rate goes back to normal. The AC itself is working fine -- just seems to be having a mind of its own suddenly.

This issue started right after I had a couple of things done... 1) Installed a new battery, and 2) replaced an O2 sensor. When trying to diagnose an electrical problem (which turned out just to be a bad battery) I did pull out and examine some of the fuses and relays, which I thought I replaced correctly.

Any ideas what could be causing this sudden occasional low-idle RPM / AC compressor turning itself on issue?
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