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There's already been quite a few reviews of Stayer's tune, but here's another with additional details for those still on the fence or shopping for a reflash.

As mentioned in another thread, I had been dealing with codes of late, having installed RRE headers a year ago. I was waiting to pass emissions test before getting a tune, but went for it anyway, hoping the tune would keep me code free long enough to pass testing. Problem was Stayer's tune deactivates the 02 sensors, meaning it would never be I/M ready, therefore never pass an OBDII smog test.

I told Stayer this, and asked to send me back to stock so I could possibly drill spacers and pass the goddamn test already. Stayer, however, created a custom code for me that uses active E3 monitors so O2 sensors would be ready.

Despite getting some fleeting pending codes, after 2 weeks I was code free and I/M ready and passed my test this week.

As for the tune...

My first concern was the computer. I'm a Mac guy, and only had a 12 year old Eee Book running Windows XP or something horrible like that. Fortunately ECUFlash was compatible and Tactrix cable worked flawlessly. Stayer was extremely patient and all business during the tune, very professional from beginning to end. Nothing about using TeamViewer or WhatsApp during the process was difficult or tricky, the tuning lasts about 20-30 minutes and was super easy.

The car simply feels SMOOTHER to me now, like all the bolt-ons are now working with the engine like they were stock parts. Acceleration is quicker, more linear, and again - smoother. The idle seems lower, and the engine is slightly but noticeably quieter at low speeds.

Redline has increased to 7000rpm, and high speeds feel much more composed. I can also notice the power increase as I can feel slight torque steer in places in power band I didn't before. Very subtle, but after driving this car for 13 years I know it's nuances. I also was very happy to see an increase in MPGs right away. Worth the price for that alone. I can't wait to take it to the track and really see what it can do.

The car is faster.

I'm VERY happy with Stayer's work and am excited about my car again, its feels new to me and now will keep throwing money at it.

New coilovers and wheels next week!

Thank you again Stayer!

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After seeing this review I contacted Stayer and am getting everything in order for him to tune my GS. He has been great with answering my questions and had me text the op before I knew it was the same guy. Chillen.
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