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DDM Tuning 35W Hi/Lo kit with 6000K Hi/Lo Bulbs (Used)
$40 shipped USPS to the Continental U.S.

This is everything you need to convert to HID, and it preserves your hi-beam/lo-beam function. This is $70+ish new from DDM Tuning. With shipping, just the ballasts cost more than $40 from DDM Tuning. The H13 bulbs fit stock headlamps.

  • Used since March 3, 2013 - this is when I installed them:
  • Uninstalled today, December 15, 2013 in favor of DDM Tuning 55W Hi/Lo kit with 5000K Bulbs
  • The kit worked when removed.
  • The only untested piece is the brand new hi-lo harness, because I'm including the new one here, leaving the old one on my car.
  • Ships in the box and packaging that was provided with my new kit.

You get:
  • 2 H13 6000k hi/lo bulbs
  • 2 35W ballasts
  • 2 ballast mounts
  • 1 Hi/Lo Harness

PM for Paypal

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