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Hey, I'm George, currently own a silver 05 GS that needs to be put out to pasture, so I got myself a silver 06 GS. My project is a full rebuild of a 1949 Merc, but I love the Eclipse in general, so I had to stick with it for my daily driver for the next few years. Not much to know about me, I keep odd hours working as a maintenance technician for a major international composites manufacturer, so i can handle most modifications and tinkering myself.

Anyway, hope you're all having a good night, and I figure I may as well ask here.

I already bought a double din DVD player, I bought the dash kit, I am pretty satisfied with the interior overall. I want to make my exterior look pretty much exactly like a pic I saw on a youtube video of cars from this site, but I have no idea where to start for parts that will be quality without breaking the bank. below is a picture of that picture haha, and also one of my soon to be baby!

Cheers all!


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Welcome :)

It looks to have ralliart style eyelids: Documento sin título

Front aero kit spoiler air dams, or "fangs": OEM part number MZ313441 & MZ313442 for left and right sides. Which can also be purchased as an aftermarket part here:

It then looks to have this to make the front look like a complete lip:

The spoiler is either the GSX style spoiler:

Or OEM style:

Both I believe can be found on eBay shipped & color matched for less than $300.

If you feel like it, OEM part number for the spoiler is: 6515A161XA

I'm not sure if the rear bumper looks different or if it's the picture. I believe it's all correct, but I've only installed OEM fangs.
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