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Basically Stock
2009 GS Turbo. 2007 GT
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And the other 2 braces are done, with each side looking like this. Those braces will take the tension force from the spring.

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Tomorrow's goal, mock up the engine/trans, figure out placement of a couple reinforcements for the upper/lower rails (I have a general idea, but there are a few inches of play depending if I need them for easier access to something), cut and weld those braces in, bolt the engine/trans in place.

Basically Stock
2009 GS Turbo. 2007 GT
6,658 Posts
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In is in, even if the mount isn't painted yet.

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So to make myself feel better and keep breaking things down into a list so it's not as intimidating
No particular order:

Fuel rails on
Block off plates for the manifold
Axles on
Brakes on
Make a brake line to the passenger rear
Steering rack simulator
The missing bellhousing bolts
Starter motor
A couple more braces (upper to lower side rails)
Firewall (probably rivet on some aluminum)
Firewall window (polycarbonate or plexi)
Fuel lines
Fuel pump
Fuel pump wiring
Fuel pressure regulator
Engine harness on
Extend the engine harness to the ECU
Sway bar end links on
Tie rod ends on
Shifter assembly bolted in (already customized)
Shifter cables onto the trans (they reach)
Custom exhaust
Side intake pods
Tail lights
Wheels on
Seats in
Fix the clock grounding (dash structure is coated and nothing can ground to it)
Make a base map tune

And then I guess test drive? It looks like a huge list. But it's all just normal car stuff, for the most part. Almost no trickery.
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