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So after researching way too long for new rotors and pads from all sides of the internet, I think I finally have decided on EBC. I feel weird going ceramic, as these are never recommended for track use, but I'm not likely doing any road racing for awhile. Even still, I think the RedStuffs would be fine.

This is where I landed: EBC RedStuff + USR Rotors

My (front) calipers are likely in need of replacing as well, but I haven't seen any aftermarket upgrades other than complete big brake kits which I can't afford. Are OEM calipers the best bet? I have no issue going OEM, they've been fine, just wondering if there's an upgrade out there.

FWIW my current set up is StopTech Slotted w/ EBC YellowStuff. The Yellows have been great, but I'm not tracking as much right now to justify the intense dust.
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