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I finally picked Stayer to do my tune and to unlock the beast!

It started with some user error issues on my end trying to message Stayer. I didn't type in the number correctly add the +for his number lol.
Anyways we chatted a bit, Got info and started with the process.

Jan 14th we begin, I began with informing Stayer my cars info.
We move on to turning the ignition on but not starting the car.
It seemed either my computer or the software wasn't finding that the cable was plugged in.
Ecuflash seemed like it couldn't find my car. I reinstalled the software, the drivers, unplugged the cable and almost went over to try another laptop.
Apparently windows 7 is needed and I have windows 10 lol

I guess it worked after that part of like 45 mins freezing outside.
Car starts clicking after some time i see that i have a message that i can turn off the ignition.
A paypal email was sent and money was sent out.
After a while i get another message that I have new software that stayer has never seen lol.
After 25 mins i get another message and am told to plug it in and go on a test drive.

Its worth the amount for sure.
3rd gear was pulling hard which was a shocker lol.
Rev limiter was higher as well.
And my auto was shifting faster it seemed like.
Overall its great... Does it feel like night and day? I honestly don't know.
It pulls harder for sure and feels great in all gears.

After that night i was excited, i took my brother out for another drive the next day.

Im hitting the highway and shifted really high and then my car stalled for a sec and continued.. I had a misfire. CYL 1. Instantly i thought oh jeez.. My tune destroyed my engine.
I head on over to Vatozone to find out what code it is.
Cyl 1 misfire.. Im freaking out.. My car just hit 60k miles.. So i figured to replace my plugs and packs anyways..
Being winter which is dumb to test a tune btw .... Anyways after like 3 weeks i was able to get my packs replaced, i just needed some time off from work to do this.
Car runs exactly the same.. No codes instantly. I havent had any codes sense then but i also havent been that rough on the car since that incident either.

I did message stayer that day and asked if the tune he did could caused anything and was assured it wasnt the tune.

I do have terrible idle but also had it before the tune as well so i dont think its related.
Im still working on getting that fixed as my rpms will go up from 500-700 and back really quick, honestly it sounds cammed lol. Sounds cool, but unfortunately its not supposed to sound like that. But its not every time which is weird? Its sometimes does it, and sometimes it doesnt, I think i have a Vac leak but would assume if it was vac leak it would be constant and not 50 50 on times it wants to make lope sounds.
Im still tracking this leak down if its a leak and will figure out.

Anyways back to Stayer lol
Honestly i think i just had a fluke issue and its not related to Stayer in anyway.
GREAT PERSON!!!! A little hard to understand on the app for sure, but if you dont know just repeat the question. Stayer seems like he knows whats going on.
I do wish I had the ability to play with the tune but then again i dont because i dont have the first clue on what to do.

*Long story short*(Might be too late hehe lol)
Stayer has great reviews for a reason.
It works, But dont except your car to be a supercar after the tune. its not going to add 100hp to the car lol. I see a difference but its not a drastic as i thought I would see. My brother noticed more.
Im sure with my headers i will get in a while maybe that will help.

I wanted to write this review earlier but honestly with snow its kinda hard to test a tune out lol. Soooo yeah thats why I waited so long.


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Leak ideas:

Oil cap
PCV valve/hoses
Valve cover gasket

It sounds like a big one. These are possible sources of idling like that, especially if it does it different hot than cold
I actually think i fixed my idle issues.

I took my EGR Valve apart and cleaned it.

My idle is flipping awesome right now. After its warmed up it will only bounce from 640ish to 700. I guess im trying to figure out if thats an acceptable idle.
Whats so weird though is the car is quiet right now.
With open exhaust I dont even feel the car is on.
In gear the rpms dont even move. Its just so strange for me right now.

It has only been one day but I can tell a major difference.

Idle is smooth, Car feels faster then it was, and at a stoplight with no traffic I or my wife couldnt even tell the the car was on with open exhaust.

Im still going to test for leaks but being rough idle only so often i dont think its a leak.

*Alright its not fixed, Same issue but it does run quieter, So im not sure. Im going to test for leaks very soon.

I did notice that when you take off the vac hose cover thing on the plenum it starts to sound exactly like what my car does. You put it back on and it will idle so smoothly.
Another weird thing is that when i start the car it makes the vac leak sound. I tap the peddle for 2500 rpms and it evens out with nothing but perfect idle the whole entire time.

So strange to me.
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