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Hi All, I'm new here, and have a question.
Wife has an 07 Spyder. Great car and pretty. Something has been draining her battery, when the car is turned off. Checked all the fuses and electrical, over the last 4 months. When I lift the hood, and the battery is charged, I hear a buzzing sound, and I'm facing the front end, looking towards the back of the car. It is on the firewall, on the passengers side. There's a large, black, box shaped item, that is attached to the firewall.
I don't know what it is, or what it does, but when I touch the surface of it, I can feel the thing doing a steady constant vibrate. It is from the buzzing going on inside of it.

Anyone have any insight to it? I want to try to fix it myself, don't know if driving it to a dealer to find out what it is will hurt it.

thanks in advance

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Welcome to the club.

Black box with a bunch of tubes (brake lines from the brake master, and to each caliper, 6 total) on it on the firewall of the passenger side is the ABS module. It should not be running constantly.

When checking for parasitic draw, an ammeter is very useful. Sounds like you found something related to the issue without one though. The relay may be failed, and constantly bridging. If you pull the ABS relay it should shut off unless there's power bridging from a wiring issue, which is unlikely but possible. If you can swap another relay in there and it doesn't run constantly, there's the issue.
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