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Hey crew, I just wanted to share some insight on cleaning ground cables. For the past couple months I've been having problems with idle dropping to 500, sometimes 400 when turning on the fog lights or rear defroster, turning the AC or heater on full blast, coming to a stop, going in reverse, and even turning the steering wheel in tight spaces. Cleaning the ground cables helped me eliminated these problems completely. For a while I thought this was more of a vacuum leak, but after getting rid of all my leaks, it definitely wasn't it.

I used a Dremel with a wire brush attachment to do this job. Best thing I've ever done honestly. For a long time my car struggled to get even to 120MPH. Now, after the cleaning, I was easily able to get it to 140+. I literally lost a lot of power from bad grounds.

I'll post the ground cable locations on the attachments for both the 2.4 and 3.8.You do not need to do all the ground cables. I only did the ones that were in the engine compartment because they were the ones most compromised. Some grounds are behind the dashboard or inside the car and under the carpet. In my case, these grounds are actually in good condition and didn't need cleaning.


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