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Club4G Stickers are available once again.

They are available in black, white, yellow, pink, green, red, orange, blue, and purple. They are 20cm long (about 8")

Price is 8 USD shipped within continental USA, $10 Canadian shipped within Canada. USD purchases, please be sure not to have PayPal convert it to CAD, my account accepts both but PayPal charges a fee if it's converted.

To purchase, PM me your full mailing address and name you'd like on the envelope (EG, "I. C. Butts", your real name, screen name, etc), your colour choice, and payment information
Payments may be sent over PayPal to [email protected] (yes you can use purchaser protection)


Vinyl sticker install guide:

1. Clean your surface well. Proper surface prep is key to having anything stick (wax, dirt, grease, soaps, etc). Non streaking glass cleaners work well
2. Peel the white backing off, taking care that the coloured vinyl part of your sticker stays connected to the transfer tape. If it is giving you difficulties, on a flat surface, you can press on the vinyl areas to adhere it better to the transfer tape (similarly to step 4)
3. Apply the sticker to your chosen area. It doesn't have to be a window; any hard smooth surface will work well, even sanded wood. If you're going to try the dashboard, be aware products like ArmorAll make it very hard to adhere anything to
4. With a credit card or similar object, press down firmly against the coloured vinyl section to bond the vinyl adhesive to your surface. It should look like below


5. Carefully peel back the transfer tape. If the vinyl wants to come up with it, put it back down and repeat step 4

6. Enjoy your new Club4G Sticker!
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