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Hello everyone,

I have the 07 eclipse 6sp and my clutch pedal decided to give out on me when I was in an intersection. I couldn't shift into gears or anything. I had to get towed. Long story short, my clutch pedal is not working.

I've checked for leaks and I didn't find any leaks from the hose and line connected to my master and to the slave cylinder.

There is dirt and grease on the surface on the bellhousing but it looks likes its its been there for a long while. No fresh leaks or anything.

I bought a new master cylinder and bled the shit of the hydraulic system through the slave cylinder also while keeping the reservoir full to the brim (I used a vacuum pump). No air bubbles, just fluid coming out but it's only getting low pressure from the pedal and I can't shift into any gears when the engine is on. Next thing to do is to change the slave cylinder but I might as well change my clutch too since I have to take out the bell housing since the slave cylinder is inside it.

Is there anything else I can check or do before I start ripping out my bell housing?

Thanks in advance.
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