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here is my 2007 Eclipse GS 5-Speed

Halo Headlights
Dual Amber CCFL LED Halos
Custom LED hi beams
Morimoto Projectors
55 Watt 8000K color HID's
Carbon Fiber hood
Rear ITZ lip
Front ITZ lip
Custom painted Tailights
8 in Club4g decals each side
25% Window tint front
5% Window tint back
Racing tow hook
Two Tone Black & Satin Mesia
Carbon Fiber front nose
Forged Carbon Fiber door handles, mirrors, and gas cap

K-sport coilovers
Strut Tower Brace
Lower Rear sway bar

Engine/ Drivetrain
Hackish Tune
.82 AR trim Dual bearing garrett turbo
440CC blue injectors
External 7 PSI wastegate
2.5 in intercooler and intercooler piping
Stage 3. 5 FX350 clutch masters Clutch
Lightweight clutch masters aluminum flywheel
Exhaust heat wrapped to behind oil pan
Turbo blanket
Running 8-9 PSI boost
Internal Intake Resonator Delete
E3 Spark Plugs
Complete 3 in exhaust from turbo back
HI-flow catalytic converter and Jones 3030XL Turbine muffler
4 in Slash tip
Throttle body spacer
Throttle body coolant bypass

1600 Watt Boss Amp
2 12 in Xplode 1200 Watt subs
Custom Rear Seat Delete
Short shifter with weighted knob
Custom painted blue dash, and door panels
Custom painted interior pieces
Sirius/XM satellite radio
LED Floor lights
3 Gauge Pod, Wideband Gauge, Oil Pressure & Water Temp Gauge

19 x 9.5 +40 offset Konigs with 255/35/19 Tires
- no spacers
Duplicolor red brake calipers

comments greatly appreciated :)


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Wow, GAYEST RIDE THREAD EVER!!!!! Jk jk, wttc bro. Cool ride, me and u should go mudding one day.....our monstrous wheel gap would do quite well;) lol, ur gap is huuuge hopefully in the future u plan on dropping it some, I will be dropping mine on coilovers when I get back from Afghanistan:) super excited, keep it up man, and hopefully u enjoy ur new ride.

Fresh n Clean is how I B
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which ever one is cheaper lol
Well, springs are cheaper, by a Mercedes worth, u can get springs for like $150, but if ur getting coilovers ur looking at around $900, but the performance, life, and modifications of the coilovers are unmatched by springs, so it pretty much depends, if u wanna go hard, or go home, I didn't change my gap for the longest time cuz I didn't want to go home:/ and when I get back from Afghanistan I will finally have money for both wheels and coilovers:)

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just so u kno the aero is insanely loud and raspy. i had 2 resonators in with an aero and it was still annoying.

- just giving u the heads up

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What kind of paint did you use on your fuel door? It's the exact look I want to go for. I tried some paint that they claimed was chrome and used it on my window scoops. But it looked more like a silver or grey than chrome.
when i took that pic it made it look chrome because it was still wet, once it dried it changed to a gloss black :/ i was hoping it was going to stay that color
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