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Use Pentosin Pentofrost A2; Advance Auto Parts can order this for you. The funnel arrangement shown will make it easier to deaerate the coolant during a refill. The funnel’s reservoir creates a high point in the cooling system into which the air bubbles can escape. The yellow-handled stopper can be inserted down into the bottom hole of the funnel to isolate the funnel’s reservoir from the radiator allowing removal of the funnel from the cooling system without loss of the coolant in the funnel. This Pentofrost A2 is chemically equivalent to the original factory fill. Modern coolants are not always chemically compatible when different spec coolants are mixed. Flush the system completely or refill with the type of coolant that is presently in the system to avoid this incompatibility which can result in some coolant types gelling when they are mixed. Nothing is as simple as it once was. Hope this helps.
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