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Last weekend I had the bright idea to tear apart my interior to clean it and see what was all broke so I could replace it and make my drives a little more enjoyable. I realized a few months ago the front right door speaker was blown or has something going on with it, so I was just going to replace it. Ever since I bought the vehicle (Feb 2017) the cup hold had a broken door on it and just flopped around, so I removed the center console, stereo face plate, HVAC Controls and all the things between the seats. I figured I would also tighten my Emergency Brake which was quite easy, and after removing it to clean the metal under it, got it tightened up and re-bolted it down. Things were looking good.

I found a new cup holder assembly on eBay for just under $20 free shipping so I picked it up. I noticed the seller had another cup holder assembly, but the hinge wheels were busted on that one just like my original one, so I steered clear of that listing. The seller ended up sending me the WRONG listed item anyways, so now I'm in a dispute with Paypal because the return through eBay was automatically denied.

While tearing everything apart, I had the bright idea to take off my dash pad to reglue it down and hopefully make it look a little nicer than what it originally looked like. Honestly, after removing it and reattaching it, I should have just left it the way it was and attempt to glue the top edges back down to the dash board. I looked around for images of banana dash on here and some of them are REALLY bad. Mine was just lifting in one small spot to the left of the overhead info display, and shouldn't have messed with it. Sadly, in my attempt to re-glue it down with spray adhesive 3M 77 Super, it caused a HUGE mess. I'm planning on removing the dash pad again or at least pull the top portion up to try and remove some of the glue, because it's literally a half inch up the dash. Since it's been about a week now, the glue is all dry, but in my attempt to remove the glue with Goo Gone, I can tell that I've been rubbing away at the dash and some spots are now smooth as opposed to the rough feel that it has. I'm wondering if anybody has any idea on what I could use that isn't too rough on the plastic since whenever I use 91% Isopropol alcohol, it seems to just re-sticky the glue and makes it even harder to remove.

Currently I'm waiting to purchase a working passenger side door speaker, a fully functional info display (When it gets cold, mine stops displaying the top left area), waiting on the resolution from Paypal for the cup holder and looking for ways to remove the excess glue on the dash.

This past month hasn't been very good for my car, but at least it's mechanically functional and had an oil change recently.

Anybody ever feel like they've neglected their car for too long and that there is actually something wrong with it, simply because you haven't had to change or fix anything on it in a long time? I've always felt like this with all of my cars, especially since they've all been 100,000+ miles. The Eclipse has 153k miles on it and the only major things it's needed was replacement Timing Belt (Preventative maintenance, didn't break) and a passenger side CV Axel. I'd love to start replacing stuff but I'm always afraid of replacing and fixing things and then having something totally unrelated break.

Guess I'm ranting, but it's good to get how I'm feeling about my car out.

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Wow, sorry to hear about the dash. I've been trying to work up the courage to address mine as well. It's not terrible like some, but it bugs me since I've got nearly the rest of the car sorted now.
I wish you had posted for advice before using glue. A lot of people have made that mistake and I don't think it's worked for anyone.
I did order a length of the stuff this guy suggested using:

but, my first attempt wasn't successful, however, I didn't actually pull the dash off (which it's starting to look like I'll have to do to get it right).

Anyways, I thought I'd bring up that post incase you hadn't seen it. I think a few people have used it to fix their dash problem. I'm hoping I can get to this in the spring.

Be careful using anything with acetone/acetane in it to remove that glue. It tends to eat/melt plastic and I'd hate for you to have to replace the whole pad. This problem should have been seriously addressed by Mitsubishi. I think there was a recall on it, but my local dealer went out of business years ago, and Memphis is my closest dealer now.
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