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Diagnosed everything I can think of! Ugggg

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Never had such a simple drivetrain throw me for a loop. 07 GS 2.4 it quit at midnight picking up pizza (great) had it towed home. Checked for fuel at the rail nothing in bottle. Replaced fuel pump checked all relays. Have fuel now and bench tested old pump it's fine.(strange). Still sounded like it couldn't breathe and coughing. Put some water out and gumout in fuel it started and idled for 30 mins fine. Took for drive and struggles a bit unless u baby it then it's fine threw a po301. Checked coil pack it's sparking. Checked injector it's clicking checked compression have 185 across all. I have bank 1 sensor 2 dead sensor but that wouldn't do that. And if it was a plugged cat it wouldn't just be cylinder 1. I don't know what's up with this thing. But I've got a ton of money into it at this point (full manual trans housing built and inside rebuilt, huge job can't find them in canada) new exedy clutch and new wheels and tires and battery. Bought it at 120km and now has 140km not miles. Any ideas guys this thing is killing me
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Tossing out more ideas...

Have you checked for vacuum issues? Could pressure test.

Shouldn't be an EGR leak giving a cylinder 1 misfire, shouldn't stop the car running either.

How about unplugging bank 1 sensor 2, seeing as you haven't tried my idea to swap it with bank 2. I don't know why, but some years seem to reference sensor 2 for the O2 calculation as well. I see nothing about it in the FSM, nothing in my tuning software, but users have reported it
Is timing good?

Check that the precat is good and didn't blowout on one side(clogging exhaust)(mine recently did this)

Fuel pump filter? /injectors?
Check your MAF. I had something similar happen the other day & it was a dirty maf
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