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So about a month ago my battery light started going on and off. My Battery from Advanced Auto is only a year and half old. Then one day at a red light the car just completely shut down. Engine and all electrical gone. After about 30 seconds of panic the car finally fired up and I made it to work. A few guys at the job looked under the hood and noticed that some gasket above the alternator was lightly leaking oil on to the alternator. Figured that the alternator was going bad due to this.

The next morning I went to start the car and zero power anywhere. Removed the battery and brought it to advanced auto. They said it was low and charged it over night for me. Installed the battery the next day and the car fired right up. Turned off the car after a minute and went inside for about 30 minutes to change. Came back outside with the anticipation of driving the car to my mechanic and once again zero power. I jumped started the car with a friends and dropped it off at the mechanics.

He said it needed a new alternator and the battery was good. Got the alternator repaired and he also fixed the gasket leak. Drove the car for about 4 days straight with no problems. I didn't drive it for one day and then the next day zero power again! Called my mechanic and he said it must be the battery. Just got back from Advanced auto again and they said the battery's good. It's a 600 amp battery and it was reading about 580 so they wouldn't exchange it under the warranty. They tested it twice in front of me.

What the hell could my issue be? No corrosion on the terminals anywhere.
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