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didn't find much through the search bar, so here goes.

AutoCity has put me on 2 different back orders for Stop Tech F/R rotor kit. I ordered in july and was told they were on 8 week back order. Now i have been told they are on back order until November 29th. :mecry::mecry:

I badly need new rotors and pads and want to change them all at the same time. does anyone have POSITIVE experience with eLine rotors? I see that they are made in the US, and the price is almost half of StopTechs. is this price too good to be true, or is that just the benefit of them being made in the US and not having to pay import and customs fees to have them shipped in by someone else?

need to know fairly quickly so I can get them ordered and on the way. been running on worn rotors for almost 2 months waiting on the back order.
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