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I have a GT (no sunroof/basic single disc Cd player/6 speed manual/fabric interior/AC) sitting in my garage and will be for the next 2 years. Considering selling.

Car is originally from Illinois where it spent about 2 winters, then moved to San Mateo and was kept covered outdoors. It then moved to Diablo Valley in 2014 where it was kept outdoors until it was moved into garage on Sept 2017.

When I bought the car it had signs of a midwest car, (salt corrosion) I wire brushed, sanded, primerred, and painted the under body pretty extensively. Also, I removed some of the heat shields on the exhaust that are notorious for rattling if they get rusted out. Additionally, I replaced all; brake hardware, rotors, pads, calipers (painted black), and brake lines( now stainless ). I also replaced the wires, plugs, and distributor cap; as well as flushed the radiator and brake fluid.

Super low mileage ~51k. Previous owner got the car as a college student, tells me that he "babied it" (which is probably true for the majority of the time he had it). I would say that I "babied it" as well, for example I always shift far below the redline.

Since, I owned the car, I always use premium gas, mobile oil (5W-20) and K&N filter. Most of the 6k miles that I put on it where 4 mile round trips to my college.

Every thing works, expect for one of the spare keys remote doesn't work (never investigated, might be battery or need reprogramming)

a small leak developed in the roof (THERE ARE NO SIGNS OF WATER DAMAGE). I am currently looking into a permanent solution to this problem on the forum, but I have also received a quote from an auto body shop for about $500. The upper weld in the roof needs to be sealed and front windshield may need to be reset in the worst case.

I'm away at school, so I don't have access of all my paper work and such, but please let me know if you are interested or have any questions.

Burt Renolds
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