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Hey guys, second up in the series, I have Fuel Injector Development 1000 series injectors.

They flow [email protected], or [email protected], which is what we run as factory fuel pressure. I have a set for my own car, and they were all flow matched to [email protected] for example. They are supposed to be within 1% static (wide open) and 2% dynamic (pulsed) of each other, which is pretty good.

They're lightweight, which allows them to fire quickly and give smooth idle, and consistent fuel delivery under load.

For guys considering going the turbo direction, I would give these a recommendation. I can get them for use with the 4G69 intake manifold, or 4G63 intake manifold if you did that conversion to raise your powerband, as well as in different sizes if you change fuel rail

The list price is 360USD+shipping within the continental USA. PM me if you're interested, as well as for anything custom.

I can do quantity discounts if more than 5 people are interested. Sizes available are 750cc, 1000cc, 1300cc, and 2000cc

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