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I have a set of 87mm 4G69 pistons, never been used. They're ~U$650 retail, I'll sell them U$575 shipped in continental states or Canada provinces. These are the extreme duty ones, not the standard forged pistons

I didn't use them because I wanted to get perfect piston to wall clearance for my high power build. I wouldn't use them for a 1000+hp build, but if you plan to run pump gas, you should be able to make around 600hp on them due to their compression. Compression is 8.2:1, same as the Wiseco pistons I use right now.

They are a low silica alloy with thick rings, meaning they need to be warmed up a little to expand before you drive. It takes me about 30 seconds to make good vacuum on my engine, with 30 thou ring gap (about twice OEM gap). So it's not that bad, no different than you SHOULD be doing on any engine anyway. But due to that alloy, they handle high levels of heat and shock from knock before they crack, unlike OEM, and they are a step above standard forged pistons in this area as well.

Let me know what you think, this isn't a retail deal, it's just my own personal set sitting around. I'd consider trading them for a decent set of used coilovers even

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