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The wheels help to make a statement and distinguish your precious ride from others on the road. If you're looking to upgrade your Mitsubishi Eclipse, take a closer look at DAI Wheels, available at CARiD.

Founded in 1992 this brand has grown into one of the leaders in the alloy wheel industry. DAI Alloy wheels are all cast in a process where the casting is done under slightly raised pressure, to compact the molten metal and eliminate pores in the casting. This improves the quality of the wheel and makes it stronger and less brittle. The wheels are available in a variety of diameters, widths, and finishes, so you will easily find the right set to fit your Mitsubishi Eclipse!

DAI ALLOYS® - EVO Gunmetal with Machined Face


DAI ALLOYS® - LEVEL Gloss Black with Machined Face

DAI ALLOYS® - DW114 GRAVITY Gloss Bronze

DAI ALLOYS® - VENOM Gloss Black with Blue Milled Accents

View the full selection of DAI custom wheels at CARiD!

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