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After buying a few different off the shelf products with varying results, I've come to the realization that the most effective way to do this is to simply wet sand them and buff them out by hand. I started with 600 grit, then moved to 1500, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, then finished them off with 8000.

This is just physics. It's also the exact same formula I use for painting a car... and buffing out the clear coat. I have found that 5000 will get you to a reflection... but going to 8000 will get you that showroom mirror finish.

In this case, I just applied the concept to the headlamps.

Starting at 600, I just wet sanded until there was no more sign of any "yellowing". I sanded until the entire surface was consistent with a dull look to it... but the oxidation ...gone. Then at 1500, you can start to see the insides, bulbs etc. As you go through the grits, it just gets clearer and clearer. It also gets much easier as you go into the higher grits as you are taking off less material. When the whole surface feels smooth, you simply move to the next grit. When you get into 4K and 5K it starts to feel like glass, and you might think nothing is happening... but it is. The water will cloud up slightly showing you that some more material is being taken off.

You can buy these sandpapers online that will include all the grits you need. I get mine off ebay usually. You could add another one at 800 or 1000, but I have found that a fresh piece of 1500 will take out the 600 just fine.


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