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Hey guys, I really didnt want to make a post for this, but as a new user the site wouldnt let me send a message. To get to the point though ive been having trouble finding a specific part, ive looked a lot online and on here and im still not sure if im finding the right part. The part in question is this:
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Ive seen posts that show something simillar to it, such as seen in this post:
However i dont believe these are the same.

Ive also seen aero kits online, at 1,200 dollars. But that seems kinda crazy for a car thats been out as long as ours.
All being said and done, would you guys mind helping me out? Even if its just the name of the part. Thanks for reading.

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Front Lip Spoiler is what it's called in the aero kit. I can't find a part number not including the side skirts, but it's all discontinued on top of that.

The age of the car doesn't work in its favour when they sold so few of them (60,000ish). Parts are discontinued that are essential to just keep these cars drivable already, not just decorative bits. You'll have to look at junkyard cars, partouts, and hope someone has new old stock sitting on a shelf somewhere.

They're surely out there somewhere though. Otherwise, aftermarket. Most people go with Subaru Impreza lips when looking for one has been what I've seen .

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see here, scroll down a little bit till you see your year.

2009-2012 Aero Kit (Pieces)


"Air Dam":

Its refered to as an "Air Dam".

Might have some luck here.
$188.00 PRIMERED (youd have to get it painted or do it yourself)

$212.00 here

You may have better luck finding it primered, since people still need to have there car fixed, you can find the primered kit and have it painted.
The part # for the whole kit PRIMERED is
Primered: MZ314128

Heres the whole kit for $862.00 but its primered. (youll need to have it painted)

You may want to call them or email them to confirm they have it but they should.

I'm literally doing the same thing right now for an aero sideskirt but its for a 06.
They got back to me and said the painted kits are discontinued but they can get the primered sideskirt for me.
Now Im just waiting on shipping quote.

Hope it helps you.

Also, other members have made there own with the ones from ebay if you want to go that route. It looks pretty good too.
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