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Overall, it's pretty simple, but it's getting to a couple of parts that's the pain in the ***.

First off, a view of the area you will be working and what it looks like. I have a bumper, thx Jailhouse10, so these photos show front and back of the bumper.

In the 2nd picutre you can see the two outer holes where the screws hold the grilles to the bumper

To start, e-brake on, block the wheels, etc. I'm not responsible if you cut, hurt, damage, maim, or kill yourself or any others during this process.

The first thing you are going to do is detatch the hood latch, to get it out of the way.

As you can see from the above image, it is definitely in the way.

There are 3 bolts holding the hood latch unit in place. I would suggest marking their locations on against the hood latch unit, as they appear to be adjustable. So it's important to get things back in the right place.

Next, there are 5 button/clip type fasteners which attach the upper and lower portions of the inserts in place.

These are a little tricky to get out, and you'll likely need a small screwdriver (preferably blade type) to get them out. First, push the center piece down into the clip. It doesn't need to go realy far, and will come out completely if you push it really far in, but you want it to drop about a quarter inch at least. Then, carefully slid the blade between the body of the clip, and the bumper surface, and pry upwards. If you do this correctly, the clip will come out pretty easy, and you won't have to worry about damage to the clip or your car. Patience is important.

The three clips on the upper part of the inserts are the easiest to access. They are very easy to see, and taking them out is pretty simple as well. two of them are the type which you press down in the center and then pry upwards, the 3rd one (in the center of the three) actually has a thread like system to it, and you can unscrew it then pop it out.

Last but not least, the main screws that hold the grilles in.

The above is a pic of the one closest to the center of the vehicle. Both screws are of this type. This is the easy one.

Refering back to the first images above, you can see where the 2nd one is (the furthes out from the center of the car). This is the one that is a total and complete ****h to get out. It takes time, and a smaller arm to do it.

However the grilles will stay in just fine if you leave out that outer screw when re-installing if you absolutely cannot put that one back in.

Final assessment, better to learn how to take the bumper off.

When you re-assemble the parts, please note the following:

1. You can put the hood-latch back in, and drive without the grilles if you wish, but it will be easy for any Tom, Dick, or Moron to reach in and unlatch the hood.

2. If you don't put the hoodlatch back in properly, your hood will not attach correctly. Make sure you are POSITIVE that the hood closes correctly!!!!! Again, if you mess this part up, and are cruising at 110mph only to have the hood suddenly pop up, resulting in injury, death, damage to your property or others, I am not responsible

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could some pics be provided for this cause i will be painting my grills today so if you could post those pics pack up again it would be appreciated
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