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Hey guys! Took me a little time to figure this out. I am using a radio similar to this one;

With the MITO 01 adapter for my factory RF sound system.

These chinise headunits usually come with two wires "Key 1" and "Key 2" that if hooked up correctly will let you use factory steering wheel controls without need for any other adapters. The documentation on how to hook up these controls however are scarce if existant at all. So it took me about an hour of googling followed by about 30 minutes in the car to get it working. It's quite simple though!

You need the 22 pin plug that goes in to the MITO's wire harness. Linked is an image below to help you figure it out. Only one of the factory wire plugs has 22 pins so you can't get the wrong one.

You should be looking at the factory plug, the male end that goes INTO the female end of the harness. You should see that pin 11 and 22 are there in the factory harness, but are not used in the MITO harness. The way I went around this was to strip off a little bit of wire behind the harness on the two wires needed, followed by getting a good centimeter of wire exposed on the "Key 1" wire, and then wrapping it around the expose pin 11 wire, and then taping it off. Then, do the same thing to pin 22, but wire this one to the vehicle's ground. I just used a screw from the factory radio's install (The 4 screws around the factory radio) and then put it through the bottom left screwhole where you can clearly see the metal bracket behind it, and sandwiched the pin 22 ground wire between the plastic and the metal.

Works great!

Any questions feel free to ask but I hope that I have explained in enough detail that you can figure it out :)
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