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What you will need

1. Allow 1Hr of time (but if takes you that long perhaps you shouldnt be working on your own car)
2. a pair of snips,scissors,boxcutter,axe,lightsaber or silimar to cut the tubeing
3.1 Pair of slip joint or needle nose pliers
4.1 5/16 I.D. barbed hose coupler
5.Ratchet Set with an extender bar and a 12MM socket

First unhook the barrery (not actually necessary for this mod but always a good idea) then unhook your intake piping. There is no need to actually remove the intake just push it to the side and tie it off. Then i took off my TB only cause i have huge hands and needed the room to move but take this oppertunity to spray it with some carb cleaner. It has 4 bolts 12MM if i remember, two electrial hookups one one the top and another on the left side and the two hoses. See Picture:

Now with that out of the way take the two hoses you have unhooked from the TB and your barbed coupler and the two stock clips and put them bitches together.
See Picture:

Now finally reinstall the TB being VERY careful not to overtorque the bolts your screwing into aluminum so it strips easy.Rember to use an X pattern when tighting (i.e.Top left,bottem right,bottem left, then top right) Plug in your 2 connections rehookup the battery and start it up and look for leaks. And tada you have now by passed your Throttle Bodys Coolant line.
Finished Product:

*Disclaimer im no mechanic just a driveway tuner so use this tutorial at your own risk*

PS: But seriously if you manage to screw this up your an idiot

MODS if this meets your tutorial standards feel free to move it into that forum, i didnt want to take any liberties and do it myself.
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