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The local quarter mile track (Texas Motorplex) had an open event this past weekend and I went to try and improve on my last time. Last time I ran a 16.3. I went with a bunch of guys from work and I had one of the slower cars there but it was fun. My first run was against a new 370z auto. He beat me pretty good but I was happy because I ran a [email protected] 91mph, improving on my old time by 1 second. One of the guys I work with had brought his Mercedes-Benz ML 55 AMG and had ran the same as me so they all said we should race each other. So we lined up. Being that he is 4wd he got me off the line pretty bad, but at the 1/8th I was pulling on him. I passed him and won improving to a [email protected] 95. Yeah I was pretty happy.

This time I had pulled the front tire pressure down to 25psi and was launching at 2k. Gave me a little spin off the line but it hooked up well for crappy tires. My car is mostly stock. Just an AEM CAI and a custom axleback.

EDIT: Realized I never posted the video.


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