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Installed-GT V6 6 Speed SHIFT KNOB OPTION-Potential for Shorter Shift height

First Mod.....So the OEM Mitsubishi Shift knob for the GT is $140.00 (best price I could find for a new one). Started looking for OEM style options with The correct shift pattern, Compatible with the reverse lockout, good quality. Ran across this Hyundai Part number 43711 2V300 RY- Its the OEM Hyundai shift Knob for the 2014 and up Veloster Turbo also fits The Kia Forte Koupe. Bought mine from ebay here $30.00 Shipped:

I received a New Part, OEM Packaging Hyundai Mobis Hologram, Shipped from Opa Locka, FL. Bought from ebay. It shipped through Amazon. Same seller sells on Amazon but was cheaper with Free Shipping on ebay. Correct shift pattern and Works with Reverse Lock out. Coordinates well with the interior in my opinion. Same Thread 10mm x1.25 Differences -Hyundai Knob weighs 4 3/4 Ounces. OEM Mitsubishi Knob weighs 6 1/8 ounces. I noticed no difference here when driving it. There is about 1/2" gap when looking from the side since the Hyundai Knob doesn't extend down like the OEM Mitsubishi knob. Would be possible to eliminate some of that gap if you are willing to trim about 1/2" of threads from the top of the shifter. This would also result in a shorter over all shifter height. Net height reduction would be close to the same as the aftermarket short shifter options, but without the change in the pivot point. I haven't tried this yet. There is a recess in the bottom of the Hyundai Shift knob for the reverse lock out. Would need to take some more measurements to see how much could be trimmed off the shift rod. Over all I think its a good look, I am not a fan of the gap. Fortunately you can't see it when driving it. Trimming off the top of the shifter rod would preclude gong back to the OEM shift knob so haven't done that.

Another option if you like the baseball knob that I haven't tried is the 2015 and up Mustang V6 6 speed manual has a baseball type shifter, correct shift pattern and reverse lock out. Those knobs are around $80.00 although I haven't seen a good shot of one underneath to see if the depth and diameter of the recess would work with our reverse lockout. Other Mustang knobs and the Ford Focus RS and ST knobs are 12mm x 1.25. Those may work with a thread adapter. It appears the 2015 and up Mustang V6 uses 10 x 1.25 same as the Mitsubishi.


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