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Interior trunk release

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Hey guys,
Some of you have requested a "how to" install an inside trunk release just like the one I put in my car.
It's actually very easy to do. You'll need the following:
-Trunk release button.
-2 16 or 18 G wire.
-Wire connectors or harness if you prefer.
-Exacto blade.
-Dremel tool (optional but makes life easier).
-Soldering tool.

For the trunk release button I went to eBay and got a Hyundai Tiburon button (Pic 1) which I really liked but you can choose the one you like best. This was only 19 dollars.

1. Once you have the button all you have to do is to remove the side panel located beside the driver's seat and the one right in front of it so you can see all the wiring and you also have the panel where you will mount the trunk button (pic 2).

2. Locate the RED WIRE with 2 small GREY STRIPES. Be careful because there're other red ones there half green or other colors. Pick the solid red with 2 grey/silver lines. Peel a bit of the wire so you expose the wire (pic 3).

3. Grab the 2 16 G wire and put male connectors on one side. Grab the ends on the trunk release button and put the female ends there so you can unplug the button if ever needed.

4. Take one of the 16G wires and solder the side without a connector to the red wire on the harness and cover it well with electrical tape. (Pic 4).

5. Take the other wire and put a round connector so you can connect it to a ground. I picked a bolt underneath the front panel, very close to the panel you are mounting the button on. Secure it to the bolt. (Pic 5).
At this point you want to plug the connectors momentarily and test the button making sure everything works ok and the trunk actually pops. (Pic 6).

6. Make the hole for the button on the panel. You gotta mark where you are going to locate the button and then cut it with a dremel or exacto blade. the dremel tool will make life easier if you have it. Go slow because its plastic and the dremel eats the plastic fast.

7. Put the button on the panel making sure it's secure and everything is sitting flush. (Pic 7,8)

8. Plug in the connectors. It doesn't matter which one goes where because this is just for a switch and the red wire happens to be just a ground to the trunk release system. All we are doing is giving it a new switched ground point.

9. Put the panels back on and enjoy. (pic 9).

Thanks for reading. :wiggle:


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That's damn cool! Always wondered why there wasn't one. Looks very clean, and reasonably easy to do. Awesome job on the write up!
Thanks bud!
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Thanks man.
Thanks guys!
I always want to do how to's but I always forget to take pics of the stuff I do
Nice :) have to do this :)

sent from Autoguide Free because tapatalk was dropped.
Thanks Rob.
If I were a girl, I'd ask you to make me a baby. I'm a guy, so I'm just gonna erep you
Good job!!!
Thanks bro!
If I were a girl, I'd ask you to make me a baby. I'm a guy, so I'm just gonna erep you
Thanks!... wait... what?? lol.
Thanks!... wait... what?? lol.
Sounds like you have to start making monthly payments, for the next 18 years lol :lol:
Thank you

Spent some time with the wiring diagrams and then found you had done all the leg work already. Must remember the forum search before I dig into the diagrams in future! :doh:
U did this?
Not yet. Picking up switch when I go back to UK next month. Planning to mount mine on centre console opposite side to the power socket. We have to open the trunk a lot here for security checks. Fitting a reversing cam and double din head unit at the same time.
Where the switches for the seat heaters are? you have a GS?
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