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As Sabertooth said it will fit but not be ideal. The car is designed for a 26.3" tall tire which came OEM. A 235/50/18 is 27.3" tall. So if you start changing overall height by a large factor it alters your speedometer and final gearing a little bit. Smaller tire = more aggressive gearing and speedo reads faster than actual ground speed. Larger tire = taller gearing and speedo reads lower than actual ground speed. That's a concern if you are picky over performance stuff and speedometers have a pretty big fudge margin anyway.

Realistically for daily driving its not going to be a noticeable difference other than being taller. Easiest way to get info is use Tirerack to search the tires you want and make sure the overall dimensions are reasonably close to stock and you should be okay. I have done 245/45/18 on the stock wheel and its fine.

Sizes I would stick to are:
225/50/18 = 26.9"
235/45/18 = 26.3" OEM
245/45/18 = 26.4"
255/40/18 = 26.0"--> 255mm largest size recommended for 8" wide wheel usually, gonna be a bit bulgy like a truck
255/45/18 = 27.0" Most manufacturers recommend 8.5" or 9" wheels for 255mm wide tires.
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