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Hey y'all

Just started putting on Megan coilovers on my gt, and I was wondering what a good ride height would be. How much gap between the tire and fender is ideal? 1" gap? 2 inches? I am trying to lower it as much as possible without risking torn boots, scraping, etc. I live in Los Angeles. I am also fine with a stiffer ride if that means I can get lower.

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If you're looking for maximum drop without any negative effects in suspension geometry, about 2.5" drop is fine, depending on suspension stiffness and traction. That's about a half inch fender gap.

Sticky tires will of course grip under more force, giving more suspension travel in corners, screwing up geometry.

The lower you go, the more fucky the camber and toe curves become. I'm sure there's some exact set of circumstances where it isn't a negative, but generally, it'll just make the car less stable when you go too far.

You'll also potentially be out of range for the camber adjustment in the rear if dropped too far, which is commonly seen. The front has very poor camber adjustment, sometimes considered non serviceable due to the low level of adjustment. Camber bolts can be added to fix this, to an extent, however camber curve under compression is unchanged.

Or, if you just care about looks, slam it. If your suspension is all healthy, you'll be able to drop those coils down all the way without issue. Be sure to loosen off and then re-torque your control arm bolts to take stress off the bushings at the new ride height.
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