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Hey everyone, I just installed an aftermarket HU and installed it with the MITO-01 wiring harness so I could keep using the RF sub and door speakers. It was a bit bumpy and in my research on here I saw a lot of people having trouble with it in the past (some threads were like 9 years old so I'm not replying to those).

My problem was fixed by something that I haven't seen on this forum before and I figured I'd put the solution here for people looking in the future.


The issue I was having was that everything was hooked up correctly to my aftermarket HU, but I was still getting the E Com message on the display and my door speakers and sub were not coming on. Someone mentioned that you need the OBD-II plugins to change the display, and I can say that is not true.

I checked on the 30A "Audio" fuse in the engine compartment (check your manuals if needed), and found it to be intact. I then cut the MITO-01 side of the AMP power wire (so it was just coming from the new HU), then ran the stereo and checked it with a multimeter. 12V, so my wiring and butt connector were fine. I then rewired that and checked the pin on the 14-pin harness (that goes to the MITO-01) to confirm that it was indeed getting power. It was, so no problem there. I was beginning to think that my wiring harness was busted or that the interface was bad, since they apparently have shoddy build quality.

I then contacted Crutchfield support, because I spent the extra $50 there for the harness to get the support and the quick shipping. The harness was listed on Crutchfield for $150, while it was $100 on Amazon. Pretty worth it since they helped me solve the problem. They ran me through a checklist and I told them what I did in terms of testing/troubleshooting.


Crutchfield sent me the following as a solution:

If customer is having issues with E COMM showing in the upper dash display and then the speakers and subwoofer cutting off there is a data communication issue.
Per Metra to resolve the problem.
  1. Put the factory radio back into the car and have it operational for about 5 or so minutes.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  3. Pull the factory radio and install the new interface and radio.
  4. Make sure everything is connected correctly.
  5. Then finally reconnect the negative battery terminal.
The tech at Metra said that this should resolve the issues with this interface. He said that if this doesn't resolve the issue then there must be an issue with the interface or with the wire harness. He said that he recommends to always swap out both the interface and the harness because either one could be causing the problem.
Don't neglect to try this. I didn't think it would help at all because I disconnected the negative battery terminal when installing the aftermarket HU to begin with. I may not have done the initialization step correctly the first time. As a reminder, the initialization step from the manual is:

Initialize the interface by turning the ignition on for 30 seconds, then turn the ignition back off, and on again.
It also still showed me the E Com message at first, but the sub and door speakers were working. I thought "Fuck it, I don't care what the display says as long as my sub is working", and turned everything off to put some tools away. Then I came back to fiddle with the radio more and when I started it up it read "MY ECLIPSE". Success.
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