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Please Help with the remote programing for lock/unlock doors

I purchased a Mitsubishi eclipse 2008 w/o the keyless remote, but I have a key ( w/o remote) that start the engine.
I ve got a remote on ebay and tried to program w/o success.
(followed all steps including to run a jump wire in DOC from pin 1 to 4 and pressed hazard switch 6 times until doors lock and unlock by their self , and press remote lock within 10 sec 3 times.. but did not work...

when I unlock the driver's door with the KEY , does not unlock the passenger door ( not even lock the passengers door) the button to lock or unlock inside in both doors work.
At the same time when I unlock the drivers door with the KEY the alarm goes off. and the only way to switch off is to start the engine.
Does any one have an idea where the problem may be?

Is there any circuit that controls remote programing and may be defective?

thanks !
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