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Starting point. May 2015

(May 13th 2018)

(Aug 3rd 2016)

JDM Evo 8 16g 10.5T
6psi wastegate actuator
Evo 8 3 bar MAP sensor
TiAL Q blow off valve
JDM Impreza STI 565cc pink injectors
Turbosmart E-boost Street electronic boost controller
3 inch custom exhaust
Magnaflow muffler

Custom tubular twin scroll manifold
Intercooler (32*3*12)
2.5" charge piping
3" intake pipe

RRE Underdrive Pulley [REMOVED]
Throttle body bypass (runs coolant to the turbo now)

Fastworks Tune

Clutchmasters FX350

Energy Suspension shifter base mounts
Torque Solutions shift cable bushings
Energy suspension motor mount bushings

BC Racing rods
Wiseco pistons (0.5mm over)
ARP head studs
ARP main studs
ACL rod and main bearings

ACI flat black projector lenses
55w 3000k HID Fog Lights
55w 6500k HID Low Beam
55w 6000k HID High Beam
LED Turn signals
LED backup lights

15% tint all around
Tinted tail lights and spoiler lip
Black accents
Orange calipers

Lowered 2.6/2.5 inches on Tein S-Tech Springs

Debadged rear

Fog light grilles

Blue footwell LED strips (front and back)
Replaced stock bulbs with blue LED in mirror and dome
White LED in sun shade/mirror
White LED trunk

Glowshift Triple Gauge Pod
AEM wideband Air Fuel ratio gauge
Bosch Oil Pressure gauge
Bosch Oil Temperature gauge

125w RMS speakers

All pillars white
White radio face plate
Camo dash clock cover

18x9 Motegi Racing rims
Goodyear Eagle Sport 235/45/18 tires

17x8 Eagle rims
Hoosier 235/45/17 slicks

Max Performance drilled/slotted brake rotors
Max Performance ceramic pads

Basically Stock
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Hahaha, I've done it before, but with real paint! I used to semi professionally restore car rims. It's good money. I could do a set in a day and resell them for $100-300 profit. The only issue is I don't have space to do it anymore

Junkyard steel rims were gold. Buy a set for $40, sandblast the rust off, hit them with some primer and black enamel paint, and they'd sell the next day, $200 for the set.

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Took it to the track today! I beat a Merc, a BMW, and a Cobalt SS. And some jeep SUV thing. And some old chev pickup truck with "SS" written on the side. Time slip wise.... Not so happy. Still got a lean code. But compared to stock software, my tune from Hackish dropped 0.5 seconds!

Ran 15.8 a few times, then my times got worse. Got out, felt my cold air intake--too hot to touch. Parked it, camped in the trunk, got a million compliments on how the car sounds. Fun night

Jealous that my friend got #69 for the day

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Snapped my right end link and hit a curb. No other damage it seems. Funny part is I have new ones sitting on my back seat right now. Was going to change them today, but had to drive my dad around

Oh well. Guess I'll drive a cobalt tomorrow, fix the Eclipse after work. Could be worse

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Replaced both front ones today. The old ones were seized on real good. Took oxy acetylene, a grinder, chisel, hammer, and some wrenches to get them off...

Was going to change out my suspension fully, but wouldn't ya know it, a johnson bar with a 6 foot cheater bar still wasn't enough to break the 25mm bolts loose on the struts. However it was enough to pick up the car

Don't buy Canadian cars.

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Nice....drop 2.5" wow they sit low as it is...another 2 on top of that..can't imagine mine sitting that low...2011 they dropped it another 1/2"..
Michigan roads would eat that
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